Snow Wolf 200w by Asmodus

Welcome to another Hardware review by Foxy.

Introducing the SnowWolf 200w Box mod by Laisimo and Asmodus.


I heard a while ago about a phantom box mod that could fire up to 200W and to be honest I didn’t really think much of it at the time…… However, more and more people were mentioning the same thing about a mod that could indeed fire up to 200W. I decided it was time to look into it a tad further. It was when I got home and I done a little bit of web work that I discovered that the SnowWolf was about to be conceived from the scrotum of China!

Finally after a long pregnancy of about 8 weeks the SnowWolf 200W was born and had been dropped into my lap by a huge stork (The Ciggie Shop Belfast Actually lol). I was so excited to unleash the beast with my Turbo RDA and see what it could really do! The retail packaging was pretty standard with the box containing simply the SnowWolf on its own with some instructions and the usual Asmodus warranty card. The logo on the box was pretty cool though I have to admit.


Once I got home and settled I started to really dive in and see what the SnowWolf could do. I popped on the Turbo RDA with a dual 24AWG build reading 0.26OΩ and started off low at around 60W which is my usual wattage on my IPV4 for example. There was a little bit of a lag on the ramp-up time initially but this is for safety reasons I believe? As far as I am aware this is to give the chip time to read your build before firing the full 200W for example on a 1.x Ω build. Anyhow, once the mod started to fire at the 60W I was a little disappointed at the performance as the temperature of the vape seemed a tad cooler than I was expecting…. Who gives a sh*t though right?? Still another 140W to play with. I spent a good few hours puffing my brains out on the SnowWolf with the Turbo RDA and as I said,  there’s still an additional 140W to play with until I found my sweet spot. In the end I did find my sweet spot at around 76.5W.


The time had come to try out the Temperature control function on the SnowWolf which is actually really easy to operate. All I had to do was screw off my Turbo RDA and screw on the KangerTech Subtank Plus with a NI-200 OCC coil and the device would instantly know to switch to temperature control mode. Temperature control mode gives you the option to generate vapour at a temperature which best suits your taste between the ranges of 100-350°Celsius or 212-662° Fahrenheit on this device.

I screwed on the Subtank after the tank had been filled, coil was primed and left to sit for around half an hour. The temperature was set to 350 Fahrenheit, the wattage to 30 and prepared for the experience of a lifetime. However this was not to become a reality….. As soon as I fired the SnowWolf the coil shat itself and the SnowWolf screen kept squinting and making a clicking noise as if it was attempting to fire. I thought that maybe this was just a dodgy coil so I swapped the coils out and tried again and again and again. Six brand new and genuine coils were instantly fried on the SnowWolf in temperature control mode.


Not all was lost, I couldn’t give up on this beast just yet. So I picked my jaw up off the floor and changed to the Sigelei Elite 2 tank with the stock Ni-200 coil and screwed it onto the SnowWolf. To my delight it instantly fired up and provided me with the most delicious vapour imaginable! I got so hooked on the flavour that I went through a full tank of Accies Ambrosia with Menthol (My Poison lol) before realising I was meant to be doing a review on this setup. I quickly refilled the tank and here we are now… When I fire the mod the settings are at 420 degrees Fahrenheit and 60w yet when I press the fire button the resistance jumped all over the place, however the vaping experience remained consistent throughout.

The SnowWolf is powered by two 18650 batteries running in series mode, this will generally give you better battery life between charges and also gives you up to 8.4 real Volts straight from the battery before the chip regulates and distributes the power accordingly. There isn’t a port for USB charging or for USB updates of the chip so you will need to buy an additional battery charger (Personal recommendation is the Nitecore D2/D4). At the base of the mod there is 27 small .5mm holes for any battery venting. The battery door is held securely in place by 6 magnets which are securely placed on the inside of the mod and the battery door itself.


The SnowWolf is a hefty big brute to say the least! Weighing in at 236 grams (8.34oz) without batteries and 328 Grams (11.58oz) with batteries and a height of 99.8mm, width of 53mm and a depth of 25mm its easy to see how this could be classed as a “Mans Mod”.

The display on the SnowWolf is probably one of the clearest to read with its OLED display showing voltage, wattage, resistance to .xx and a battery level indicator. The buttons on the device are made out of metal much like the overall construction with a very satisfying clicking noise just like the notorious Parker Pens we all love to click when thinking deeply. Increasing and decreasing the wattage is also a breeze by simply clicking the “+” or the “-“ button to change the wattage accordingly. To switch between temperature and wattage mode all you have to do is press and hold the “+” and “-“ buttons together and the temperature mode will flash on the right hand side of the screen.

When running the SnowWolf on Wattage mode the power is consistent up to 150W but once 151W or above is selected the device switches to Pulse mode. Pulsing is generally there to provide the user additional battery safety as when pulsed the battery has a split second to recover between its next output. Personally at 200W I found there to be absolutely no difference in vapour production than at 150W but maybe I am missing something?

As with most of the hardware I review, I would generally purchase the items myself and then review them unless otherwise stated. So in this case If I dropped and lost my SnowWolf would I go out and buy another? As much as I love the device overall I’m afraid the answer would have to be no. The SnowWolf is a perfect looking bit of kit and the brushed stainless steel construction with the black glass front and back does make for some fantastic hardware but for me personally it doesn’t warrant the huge OMG factor which seems to have everyone wrapped around it in awe. The fact that it fried 6 brand new genuine (Verified) SubTank Ni-200 coils is unacceptable, you cannot manufacture a device in this industry and say “Right guys we have the best product here BUT you can only use product X,Y and Z with it”, It doesn’t work like that! We all have our own preferred Tank based atomizers just like we have our own preferred Mod/Battery setup which we grow accustomed to and want to upgrade. To effectively be told that you can’t do that is just like telling someone who spends £100,000 on a car that they are not allowed to drive it!