Wild Berries by FRSTD

Time for another juice review at the Belfast Vape Bar. The folks at Republic of Vape sent us a care package of goodies – including the FRSTD line – for us to review.

“Experience your favourite Wild Berry toaster pastry with FRSTD. Taste everything from the triple berry filling, to the golden crust exterior, to the neon blue and purple icing on top!”

For this review I am using the following hardware:

  • Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200
  • Doge v3 by Congrevape
  • With a dual Clapton build running at 60w

The aesthetics of the bottle is certainly pleasing, with the frosted glass dropper bottle and a very well printed label to match. The label is laid out well with all the relevant information nicely spaced and easy to read.

Opening the bottle, I was greeted with a very nice medley of berries that instantly made me very excited to drip this on my fresh cotton and give it a whirl.
This liquid is available in a 30ml bottle with 0,3 and 6mg nicotine strengths. It has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40 and retails at $21.99 + postage.

The Inhale – on the inhale, I was surprised to actually be able to identify different types of berries – which was a surprise, as it’s usually quite hard to identify these flavours in a berry mix.

The Exhale – on the exhale, I was pleasantly hit with the full, in-your-face flavour of the Pop Tart replicated liquid. While vaping this, the flavour of the liquid just got better and more intense as the bottle got more and more empty. This liquid, being a 60/40 blend, leaves plenty of room to intensify the flavours – which is fantastic. Despite the 60/40 blend, the vapour production is surprisingly thick. When you finish the bottle, this liquid will leave you wanting more.

Would I buy this liquid again?

Absolutely. This liquid tastes a lot like the wild berry pop tart – it has the mixed berries and the excellent biscuit taste. I am pleased with the flavour – but I am even more impressed with the smoothness of this liquid and the cloud production. I will be visiting Republic of Vape for more.