White Gummi by Moku Oyatsu

Hello, and welcome to another liquid review from the Belfast Vape Bar. Today I will be reviewing a liquid called White Gummi made by the guys at Moku Oyatsu. This is a take on the popular white gummy bear. it comes in 0mg ,3mg, and 6mg in a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. This liquid cost $60 and comes in six 30ml unicorn bottles for a total of 180ml of liquid.

WHITE GUMMI | Is very delicious. The Original White Gummi is found mixed with it’s sweet and colorful bear friends. So alluring and the aroma so gentle and mellow. Enjoy the taste of Moku Oyatsu’s White Gummi, the soft and chewy candy cloud.

So let’s get straight to it. For this review, I will be using the following:

  • Reuleax 2/3
  • Kennedy 25mm RDA
  • East Side Custom Coils fused Clapton running at 80w

The ingredients and warnings are nicely spaced out and easy to read. The bottles have a very well designed label with a quality nozzle that dispenses the liquid very well.

Opening the lid and taking a smell I was greeted with a very authentic gummy smell this Is spot on in terms of being realistic in smell. So let’s get this dripped onto fresh cotton and see how it vapes.

The Packaging – the box the liquid come in is beautiful there is a lot of detail in the design of the box it almost put me in mind off a perfume box or something similar and gives that feeling of a premium item. The bottles are fantastic, the fact this company has supplied the liquid in unicorn bottles gives me joy that they have thought about convenience for the vaper the label is very nice and has all the warnings needed.

The Inhale – on the inhale there is a very fruity candy taste which made my mouth water, not too sweet but is actually surprisingly subtle on the inhale. The flavour has just the right amount of sweet and not riddled with sugar sweetener.

The Exhale – the exhale has a bit more substance to it, there is a very potent pineapple flavour which is very nice with a mild creamy taste and so much more I can’t put my finger on. The gummy flavour is defiantly there this is a really good liquid and a must try.

Would I buy this liquid again?

From receiving this liquid I have been very impressed with the accuracy off the flavour and how easy it is to drain a 30ml and be left wanting more. The liquid is an investment but is one that will pay off! This product has rightfully taken its place in my top ten so yes I will buy again.