“War Call” by Valhalla Vapes

Welcome folks to another review by Shinx! This time we have some goodies from Valhalla Vapes which have kindly sent us their entire line for review!

Today I’m reviewing War Call which has been described as “Butterscotch custard or is it angel delight in disguise?

Yummy sounds like one of my favourites!! As many of you readers out there may know I’m a massive fan of everything custard and have yet to find the perfect one!
Will this live up to my expectations!?

The bottle itself is nicely designed with a Norse inspired label with the tagline “A horde of liquids from Valhalla Vapes. E-liquids forged in war!
Also is all safety info as well as batch number, best before date, nic level (which in this case is 0mg) and VG/PG ratio is 70/30.

Hardware im using for this review is the Smok X Cube II set at 65w and a Troll By Wotofo with a 0.25Ω dual kanthal build.

Upon opening the bottle I’m greeted by a rich custard with hints of caramel floating around in there.

Now getting down the liquid itself…. I love butterscotch! In sweets desserts and scented candles I don’t care I love the stuff so the initial inhale for me was something special!
Wonderfully deep smoky yet creamy caramel with a touch of saltiness to it! Firstly you get the sweetness followed by the tiniest amount of saltiness coating your tongue.
A nice mild throat hit off it also!

On the exhale get a creamy fudgy custard with a smoky caramel taste still present and goes together oh so delightful! Just makes me want to keep going for more!!

Cloud production with this juice is very good! Not ground breaking but not bad either!

Presentation: 8/10
Flavour: 9/10
Vapour production: 7/10

So would I buy this juice when my 10ml bottle runs out? Yes I certainly would! I’ve yet to find a nice caramel creamy custard and this could be one of the contenders for the nicest tasting custard I’ve had yet!
The flavour profiles with this juice are fantastic and for the price of £4 for a 10ml bottle this is a juice you have to get!!