“Vise” by Boilermaker

Gilters back again folks with my second review Boilermaker this time “VISE”

Boilermaker, a liquid company from Torrance, California. It was born of the heat and passion trademark of most juice-makers. Make no mistake, this is no dainty affair, this e-liquid is as blue collar and working-class as it gets. The names of the liquid are tools that built America and forged it’s country.

All of boilermaker’s liquids are a 50pg/50vg line, diacetyl free and artificial flavouring free.

Boilermaker’s Bottle design has a beautiful black vintage look that’s definitely had a lot of thought behind the design giving a nice persona that screams I belong in a 1950s steel mill. Boilermaker having 6 liquids, I shall be giving my insight on “Vise” 3mg.

Strong and unyielding, the forceful grip of the VISE seizes your senses and, unapologetically, never surrenders. One taste and you too will be a prisoner to the robust watermelon, honeydew,lychee, and pomegranate flavours trapped inside the vise.

Sigelei 50w @40w
Youde Zephyrus
Rba deck dual build
0.5 Ω

Inhale: Fireworks – is the only way this could be described. Vise has so much going on it was hard to distinguish any one flavour.

Exhale: This is where it all came together as my brain started to work things out the dominant flavour is pomegranate with some lychee (no noticeable watermelon or honeydew)

Would I buy “Vise”

Honestly it’s not for me this liquid was slightly floral and got slightly sickening after two tank fulls.

Liquid flavour 5/10
To some this could be beautiful though after 2 tanks I just found my self wanting to change liquids, pomegranate in liquids can come across as slightly floral and in this I thought so.

Flavour strength 10/10
No doubt about this one it can be a confusing liquid, maybe a tad much has been put into Vise and could come across as overpowering

Vapour production 7/10
Again with boilermaker it can certainly put out some decent vapour for only being 50/50 mixture more similar to that of a 70/30 liquid.