“Vintage Cola” by Zap Juice

It’s time for another juice review here at the Belfast Vape Bar! Today we have a flavour which I haven’t yet tried in an e-liquid before, “Vintage Cola” from Manchester based blenders Zap Juice.

The presentation for their products is very slick, with the bundle of juices available on their website for £34.99 you receive all four of their flavours in 20ml bottles, branded rubber drip tip, stickers which represent each of their flavours and a card with the flavour profiles. The Zap Juice range comes in 3mg and 70/30 VG high, making this ideal for dripping and tank based atomizers.

“We believe that dedication and passion for a craft that you love is one of the cornerstones of a happy and fulfilling life – an ideology that we have poured into every drop of our premium e-liquid range. We are stocked in numerous shops across the UK (And hopefully the world soon!), which we feel is a testament to the great flavours, rich taste and great vape that our liquids bring to our customers.

Besides the endless hours of joy we put into creating it, ZAP! is crafted from the highest grade pharmaceutical PG, VG, nicotine and flavours available – our master mixologists working out of an above-industry standard clean room in the heart of Manchester”

First from the line for review is the “Vintage Cola” as mentioned above, this is the first juice with this flavour profile that I’ve tried. Zap Juice describe this product as “Like a barbershop quartet, four flavours combine in marvellous harmony, for a classic experience you won’t forget” This sounds rather intriguing…

For this review I will be using the following hardware:

  • 24mm Mason RDA from Vapergate w/0.2Ω dual build
  • Twisted Messes Mod by Dovpo
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we get started with the taste test, an almost nostalgic feeling rolls over from back in the day, calling into the local corner shop and getting for some of those delicious cola bottle sweets, not the little wimpy ones either, we’re talking about that big guys that you could easily spend twenty minutes eating!

The Inhale – There is almost a slight fizziness to Vintage Cola with the aforementioned nostalgic cola flavouring.

The Exhale – This is where the juice started to change for me personally. With the original sniff from the bottle and inhale, I was very much reminded of the cola bottle sweets but with the exhale, there is definitely more of a cola beverage taste present. Very akin to one of my favourite cola beverages of the Curiosity persuasion…

Would I buy this product? I most certainly would! The nostalgic feeling from the inhale and the surprisingly intense flavoured exhale Vintage Cola is a juice worth picking up!