“Venus” by Space Jam

Welcome back to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at “Venus” by Space Jam USA.

This is my first Space Jam liquid review that I have had the pleasure of tasting and I have to say that I am not disappointed at all.
I picked this juice up from Vape Hunter (www.vapehunter.co.uk) here in Belfast for just £10 for a 15ml bottle which all in all is a very competitive price for a USA liquid here in not so sunny Northern Ireland
The Space Jam brand is one of the big boys in the industry which in my own opinion are only towered over by one other US brand which use slightly more VG in their juice range.

For this review I will be using the Sigelei Elite 2 tank on the IPV4-S mod in temperature mode with a 0.15Ω Ni-200 coil set to 20J and 420 degrees. The reason I am using this juice in a tank is purely for the PG/VG ratio of 50/50 which would work better in a tank with a high temperature to replicate using a dripper.

The label on the bottle oozes Space Jam from top to bottom with their signature out of this world design, you can probably tell by now that Venus is named after the planet Venus in our solar system just like the rest of their lines they all have a story behind the name.

On opening the bottle I was greeted with a rather strong smell of peanuts…… Which in my opinion should have a warning symbol for persons suffering from a nut allergy.

On the inhale I am getting a perfect mixture of marshmallow that tastes like I have just roasted it over an open fire mixed with a subtle hint of peanut butter which really starts to make an impact the longer I hold it in.

On the exhale I get a delicious taste of caramel with maybe a hint of Nutmeg? After my vaping experience is over there is a lovely lingering aftertaste of the initial toasted marshmallow which tends to become more flavourful as the seconds pass.

Flavour: 9/10
Cloud production: 5/10
Presentation: 7/10

So would I buy this juice once my sample bottle is finished? Yes, Space Jam are one of the biggest and most trusted US juice manufacturers known within the industry and with that in mind they spend big bucks to provide us with a great vaping experience.