“Vanilla Custard” by You Got E-Liquid

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It’s time for another juice review here at the Belfast Vape Bar! The folks at You Got E-Juice were kind enough to send out a few of their rather extensive range of flavours to review. Today we will be looking at one of their top sellers Vanilla Custard which the blenders describe as “A rich creamy Vanilla that all Custard lovers can really savor”.

With custard being one of the most popular and widely available flavours, the bar is set quite high! The guys at You Got E-Juice have a motto at the top of their website “Making Vaping affordable to everyone” the 120ml, like we have here for review cost $20.99 (plus shipping) making it rather competitively priced compared to other Big Bottle vendors. Let’s take a look at some specs behind their line.

  • 70/30 VG High ratio
  • Available in 0, 3 and 6mg Nicotine strengths
  • Bottle sizes – 60, 120 and 240ml

We will be using the following hardware for this review:

Vanilla Custard Yougotejuice

Let’s start by taking a look at the bottle and it’s presentation. The 120ml variant of the You Got E-Juice products are dispatched in tall, clear bottles and a twist cap is included with your order. The label has all the necessary information ie. Flavour, nicotine level, ingredients and VG/PG ratio. One thing that jumped out at us was the gold star with “premium” beside it, this appeared to be a tad preemptive. Here at the Belfast Vape Bar, we are firm believers that a company’s product should speak for itself and not by branding.

Hopefully, the product is good enough to deserve this little emblem….

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we move on to the taste test reveals a rather buttery aroma which is common with custard flavours. Having mixed a few for personal use, you can pick out the more subtle notes with this particular flavour. Also, there is a faint hint of vanilla.

The Inhale – The vanilla has shown it’s face again with the inhale alongside the rich buttery taste. Being low nicotine and a 70/30 mix, there is minimal throat hit and is rather smooth.

The Exhale РWith the exhale of Vanilla Custard, the same flavours from the inhale but these have blended with a delightful custard to round off this juice. Custard flavours being as popular and well established as they have quite a high bar set in regards to quality. The folks at You Got E-Juice have done their research and blended a rather pleasant custard and an all day vape!

Would I buy this juice? It’s a yes from me, the blenders recommend a 5-7 day steep period once your order arrives. With custards, this is often the procedure but seeing as this product was in transit from the States it mightn’t require as long depending where you’re from.

The price per millilitre is very good and ideal if you’re looking for a good quality juice for the latest generation of subohm¬†tanks which are very thirsty!