“Sugar Cookie” by VaperGate

It’s time for another review from the VaperGate line of products. They have just released a smaller selection of juices called BakerGate and today we will be reviewing “Sugar Cookie” from this new line.

For this review, we will be using the following hardware:

The blenders describe “Sugar Cookie” as “Remember the $3.99 frosted sugar cookies that you would eat around Easter time? The same ones that were always at your aunt’s house that you didn’t like? Well, we made them better and stuck them in a bottle!

It has been quite a few years since I last enjoyed a proper American sugar cookie, so my memory on the exact tastes are a little hazy. Hopefully, this juice brings back some memories…

The Bakergate line from Vapergate is available in 30 and 120ml glass bottles with a matching dropper and in Nic strengths 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg.

With a fresh dual coil build in the Mason RDA from Vapergate, we can get started with the taste test! With the 80/20 VG high ratio, Sugar Cookie is ideal for a dripping based atomizer.

Taking a little sniff from the bottle first, we were greeted with a sweet, vanilla-like aroma. Making promises for a rather interesting vape to come.

The Inhale – Vanilla is definitely the dominant flavour, not an artificial/chemical tasting vanilla either which is refreshing. There is nothing worse than a synthetic tasting juice!

The Exhale – The package is now complete with the exhale. The vanilla from the inhale has resurfaced mixing with a sweet and almost buttery-baked cookie rolled together to make for a very enjoyable vape. Sugar Cookie is a must in the 120ml variant as you will use this juice very quickly!

Would I buy this product? I am going to say yes! The memories of that sweet cookie goodness flooded back, some recipes online may have been researched after vaping this juice for a few days.