“Strawberry Milkshake” by Witchcraft

Time for another juice review here at the Belfast Vape Bar and it’s another line that is blended right here on our own Island (Technically the Republic of Ireland but same landmass lol)

Witchcraft was founded in January of 2015 and have exploded into the vaping scene more so in the early part of 2016 with a massive line of flavours, thirty different flavours with five of these included in their high VG line. Today we will be reviewing “Strawberry Milkshake” from the high VG line Cloud Chasers Line.

The blenders describe this product as “Milkshake fans, this one is for you! Early reviews from customers hinted at a likeness to Yazoo or a McDonalds strawberry milkshake which we were delighted with. Comprised of strawberry & cream flavourings this creamy strawberry milkshake e-liquid flavour is our current best seller. Our lab spent a long time trying to get a strawberry e-juice that doesn’t taste artificial and they certainly cracked it”

We were actually able to meet the gents from Witchcraft a few months back whilst they were touring the various vape stores in Northern Ireland and were able to try out their rather extensive line of flavours, they then got in touch and sent out the Cloud Chasers line for us to review.

As we mentioned before, this product is from the Witchcraft Cloud Chasers line with a 80/20 VG-PG ratio making this an ideal juice for an RDA or one of the newer RTA/RDTA systems on the market and there will be clouds!

For this review, we are using the following hardware:

  • Wismec RX200 Mod
  • Mason RDA from Vapergate w/0.2Ω dual coil build
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before juicing up the cotton. There is almost a malt-type aroma with “Strawberry Milkshake” with of course subtle notes of the strawberry itself. Other people who have tried this juice have compared it to a certain fast food franchises milkshake…

The Inhale – The almost malt-like taste appears again with the inhale with a subtle creaminess. The throat hit for a 3mg juice is a little stronger than usual but don’t let this put you off.

The Exhale – Not much changes with the exhale compared to the inhale, to be brutally honest, I’m a little disappointed with the exhale as for me it’s somewhat lacking in the overall “strawberryness” that was promised by the description and previous reviews… But, with e-liquids it’s a very much a subjective matter. For me, if this was labelled a strawberry malt shake, I would have been much happier, but to compare this to that certain fast food shake isn’t exactly true.

Would I buy this product? This is rather tricky, the description was a tad misleading but it is still a rather tasty juice. Will have to vape the small amount left and come to a more determined conclusion…