Strawberry Custard by Captains Custard

Manufacturer’s Description: The manufacturer hasn’t supplied a description or flavour profile beyond the name of the juice.

Statistics: Strawberry Custard by Captain’s Custard, available in 0mg strength and suitable for use with nicotine shots, packaged in 100ml Gorilla Bottles, 80% VG, 20% PG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, Digiflavour Pharaoh RDA, single Fused Clapton coil, 6 wraps (24AWG Kanthal x 2 in parallel with 32 AWG Ni80) coming out at 0.32Ω and mounted on the Lost Vape Therion DNA166, vaped at 50-100 watts. Cotton used was Cotton Bacon V.2.

To begin with, since there is no flavour profile provided by the blender, I think I should list my expectations for this liquid:

  • As it is part of a custard line, I expect the flavour to have a solid custard base.
  • Since it’s called “Strawberry Custard” I expect the strawberry flavour to be solid throughout, however, I have no expectation for it to be quite a tart strawberry or a sweet strawberry.

First impressions, the bottle note of this particular member of the Captains Custard line up is particularly sweet, however, it isn’t unpleasant and falls in line with the other two flavours I have reviewed in regards to sweetness. Nosing it for a few moments more leads me to think that it the key flavouring for the strawberry might be Strawberry (Ripe) by The Flavour Apprentice in combination with a sweeter strawberry flavour, such as Capella Sweet Strawberry. There’s something about the particular combination of sweetness and almost juiciness in the bottle note that causes me to lean towards these two flavours. However, I could be wrong. Once again, with all of the other flavours I have sampled, the custard spine of the flavour doesn’t let itself known on the bottle note.

Immediately on the first couple of puffs, I was struck with the mouthfeel of the liquid, greeting you with a thick, juicy, almost Strawberry flavoured Ribena flavour as if drinking it as opposed to vaping it. This entirely pleasant sensation is unfortunately marred by how sweet the liquid is overall. It is clear there is some sort of sweetener, more than likely sucralose and as such, it can be quite sickly when taking deep pulls. As for the custard spine of the liquid, unfortunately, I found it far too subtle to begin with, finding it drowned by the sweetness of the strawberry flavoured.

Sitting with it, it’s clear that the flavour of the strawberries tastes very bright and natural, at no point do they taste synthetic which is something this reviewer is thankful for. The key problem I had with Strawberry Custard by Dinner Lady was how synthetic and sickly the whole experience was. In comparison, Captains Custard is a far, far more pleasant vape. In comparison to other Strawberry Custard liquids such as Arise by The Cloud Company or Lust by Pure Evil, it’s definitely far, far more palatable than Lust but the flavour is palpable, unlike Arise which I found to be painfully subtle and almost nonexistent. As such, it strikes a balance that’s wholly appreciated. Unfortunately, this isn’t very custard-y at all, coming across more akin to a Strawberries and Cream flavour, overall it’s quite a light e-liquid to vape.

As this liquid is 80/20, the vapour production is exceptional, even at the lower wattages and overall I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this e-liquid to someone who seeks something sweet and fruity to indulge in.
Now we arrive at the most important question. Would I recommend you buy Captains Custard Strawberry Custard over other similar flavours in the market or pick Strawberry Custard over other entries in the line of e-liquids? If you’re craving strawberries and custard, then go for it. It’s a palatable, pleasant flavour that’s well worth its money but when you compare it to Banana Caramel or Cinnamon Danish? I’d opt for either of those instead.

Captains Custard is available at all Titanic Vapour stores, including through delivery. It is also available at Vapemagic, Total Vapour and through Titanic Vapour’s website. According to Titanic Vapour’s website, 100mls will cost £19.99 per bottle and will include two 10ml nicotine shots to make it up to a total of 120ml.

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