Strawberry Banana Smoothie by Bon Appetit Vapours

Hello and welcome to another liquid review from the Belfast Vape Bar. Today I will be reviewing, Bon Appetit Vapour’s ‘Strawberry Banana Smoothie’.

This liquid comes from a line that consists of 6 liquids which have been given to us for review.

“Mouth-watering and delicious. If you love strawberries and bananas, you will be delighted with this refreshing smoothie.”

This liquid has a VG/PG ration of 60/40 and comes in 3,6,12 and 18mg nicotine. This is available in 15, 30 and 120ml bottles costing $10, $15.99 and $55 + postage at time of review from

For this review I am using the following:

  • Wismec DNA 200
  • Cthulhu Shuriken
  • With a dual alien wire build running at 65w

When I opened this up, I was greeted with a pleasant note of fresh strawberry and a very subtle smell of banana. I was slightly disappointed at the muted banana scent as it is one of my favourite vapes. The liquid comes in your standard glass dropper bottle with a nicely designed label and a playful illustration of a chef which I think looks great. All the information is nicely laid out.

Dripping this liquid on my freshly built Shuriken, I am hoping the banana comes alive.

The Inhale – on the inhale I was disappointed with the lack of overall flavour – there is a subtle taste of a more candy strawberry with a slight bitterness to it.

The Exhale – on the exhale I was relieved by the very well-rounded flavour of strawberry that left the taste of a nice thick shake at the back of my throat. Unfortunately, I am still only getting very small amounts of banana in this mix. In saying that, I do quite enjoy the strawberry I am getting on the exhale and find myself wanting to keep vaping.

Being a 60/40 blend, the cloud production is not great with this liquid as this mix was intended for the flavour enthusiast more than cloud chasers.

Would I buy this again?

I’m going to have to say no on this one – I do enjoy the strawberry flavour of this liquid but was let down by the faint banana flavour to this liquid. However, if you’re not just as keen on banana as I am, then you will want to give this a shot.