“Soft Mint” by Cloud Corp

Before I start this review off, I should make it clear that I have already been long won over by Cloud Corp as a result of their Red Keep e-liquid – one of their popular Seven Kingdoms line. To read my full evaluation of that flavour and for more background information on the company itself, click HERE. Red Keep has remained my ADV since publishing that review, so you can perhaps see why I hold extremely high expectations of Cloud Corp and their products.

It was never my intention (nor, I assume, of Cloud Corp’s) to review their Soft Mint flavour. Hailing from their Essentials line – and with no bells or whistles attached to the product’s name – it is evident that this e-liquid seeks to market itself solely on the single requirement that it tastes like what it’s supposed to. Even the manufacturer’s description for Soft Mint is arguably one of the least pretentious product descriptions that I have ever read (and, as a reviewer, I’ve read many):

“A good representation of the popular soft mint.”

And that’s it. So, before moving on, can we all take a moment to show our appreciation for an e-liquid description that does not represent an enthusiastic fumble with a thesaurus? Nothing irritates me more than reading a complicated product description that leaves me with little clue as to what the flavour could represent – only to then discover that what could have been e-liquid caviar was, in fact, cheap banana. In our case of Soft Mint, I think we can all agree that we’ll know exactly what to expect.

After trying Soft Mint on a visit to Cloud Corp’s shop in Coleraine, I can confirm that my tastebuds were absolutely astounded by the accuracy of this flavour. If you were to close your eyes and take a sniff of the e-liquid, you truly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and an actual soft mint – the resemblance is uncanny.

Cloud Corp created and produced Soft Mint in direct response to their customer feedback – in particular, those customers who had only recently been introduced to the world of vaping. Many new vapers are drawn towards menthol e-liquids, owing to the throat hit and freshness that they provide. However, in comparison to the muted flavour that starter kits and mouth-to-lung tanks offer, this aspect of menthol e-liquids quickly becomes unforgiving when used in sub-ohm/high wattage set-ups. Thus, it isn’t surprising that purely menthol flavours tend to be much less popular amongst the wider vaper community as a whole.

Where Soft Mint differs from conventional menthol flavours, then, is in its greater depth of taste and actual flavour. There is a hint of sweetness to offset the bitterness of the mint – and this is where it becomes a much more enjoyable and enduring flavour. I have enjoyed vaping Soft Mint over the course of an entire day and haven’t grown sick of it at all. Personally, I recommend using this flavour in a tank as opposed to a dripping-based atomizer; I’ve also found that by closing off my airflow slightly, the flavour is much more pronounced and lacks any harshness. I’ve been vaping this at 3mg, but Cloud Corp also offers this at higher nicotine strengths (6, 12 and 18mg to be precise).

As I mentioned above, I didn’t expect to be reviewing a product from Cloud Corp’s Essential line – but then again, I didn’t expect to be so impressed with Soft Mint. It’s the first time that I can strongly recommend a single flavour to both new and experienced vapers alike. For those who are new: Soft Mint is a slightly more adventurous – yet with no nasty surprises – next step into a world of enjoyable flavours. For those who have been in the game for longer: Soft Mint is a delightful flavour for your collection that is simple, honest and a welcome retreat from the complex layering of more complicated mixes.

Cloud Corp have, again, produced an outstanding product that demonstrates exactly what it is that we require from manufacturers: a keen attention to the needs and desires of the customer. In this case, they have most certainly hit the mark.

The official website for Cloud Corp is now live and this juice is available or online purchase!