Slushizz by Nom Nomz

The Drip Art Range is a new line from Northern Ireland-based blenders Nom Nomz Premium Vape Juice. We have reviewed a number of their products in the past and they scored rather highly with our review staff. (Click here to see our Nom Nomz line reviews)

This new line currently consists of two flavours, ‘Pavlovin’ and ‘Slushizz’ – the latter of which we are reviewing today.

The blenders describe ‘Slushizz’ as, “A sweet and sour blue raspberry slush, perfect for those hot days on the beach.”

Juice Details:

  • 60ml bottle
  • Available in 3mg nicotine strength
  • 70/30 VG High ratio
  • £18 a bottle (at time of review)

Slush-like flavours are a staple flavour in the vaping community and there are too many variations to name on the market. They provide a refreshing vape and contain almost sinus-opening qualities – not to mention being a rather convenient tool against the dreaded ‘vaper’s tongue’.

Hardware used for this review:

  • Efusion DNA 200 Mod
  • Mason Advocate 27mm RDA w/0.21Ω dual build
  • RDA wicked with Cotton Bacon

Before we start the taste test, let’s take a little sniff from the bottle and see if anything is given away. Straight away, the sourness mentioned in the blender’s description is the most noticeable aroma with raspberry notes following close behind.

The Inhale – We were greeted with a rather cool, refreshing blast of raspberry with ‘Slushizz’. The flavour here reminds me of sour sweets that I used to love as a kid.

The Exhale – The same tasty raspberry has emerged from the exhale, but of course, much more intense! I can almost feel my airways just opening right up. If you ever find yourself suffering from the dreaded ‘Vaper’s Tongue’, it would well be worth picking up a bottle! Raspberry sour sweets would be one way to describe this product.

Would I buy this product?

As a long time fan of the slush-flavoured vapes, it’s definitely a yes from us here at the Belfast Vape Bar. Bonus points must be given as it also fits the profile for an all day vape. This juice, as well as the new ‘Pavlovin’, are both available from Titanic Vapour (click image below) and from the Nom Nomz website.