“Sleipnir” by Valhalla Vapes

How’s it going guys Gilters back again with another liquid by

“Valhalla Vapes”

With this liquid I’ve noticed the description unlike the others by Valhalla Vapes having a very short straight to the point flavour profile.

“Hopefully” fingers crossed not meaning less effort has been put into this liquid but let’s not jump to any conclusions yet.

“Sleipnir “

Cereal based juice with a fresh citrus burst.

On opening this bottle I’m getting a very distant lemon and slight biscuit scent, I’ve personally always found citrus can be too potent in liquids so this seems like it might be on point with what my senses enjoy when it comes to this style of liquid.

Time to get stuck in today I shall be using my

SMOK XCUBE ll – 70-100w

Wotofo Atty3 – dual 22g @ 0.23Ω

So on inhale at 70w AGAIN I’m not getting much with these liquids time to bump up the power to 100w, finally I’m getting something a very very light creamy note on the back of the tongue with the lemon creeping around in background. Subtle though enjoyable.

On the exhale this one’s rather hard to describe, remember those little thin round lemon biscuits our grandparents would pull on a Sunday afternoon with a good cuppa, this is pretty much bang on that exact flavour. A nice light lemon with a subtle creamy biscuit goodness.

The big question would I purchase this in the future, Ummmm yeah most certainly. I could vape this all day and most certainly goes perfect with tea in hand.