“Satoshi Nakamoto” by Vapeboy

Gilters back again folks.

This time I’m looking at another liquid by..

“Vapeboy” based in the UK, London.

If you missed my previous review on Vapeboy “Peach Republic” go check it out if you’re a lover of peach.

On my previous encounter I was  little nitpicking on a few things but this time won’t be the case as  Vapeboy have seen it and I don’t feel the need to batter their brains about simple fixes, cough cough child safety cap.

Today’s liquid is “Satoshi Nakamoto”

0mg 70vg/30pg

For the nerd in you! Buttery apple crumble infused with cinnamon will leave you wanting more.

Today toys of choice are.

X Cube II – various watts
Atty 3 – 0.34 dual twisted

On opening the bottle that sweet sweet smell of buttery, cinnamon goodness though not too overpowering which can be a downfall to anything with cinnamon.

On inhale:

So at 50w I get a very light creamy note, cinnamon hiding in the background not overly doing much. So I thought this needs cranked up. Up in 10w increments until we have now reached 90w the cinnamon just comes to life balanced just right with the creamy buttery goodness.

On exhale:

On this I found letting vapour come out the nose (retrohale) rather than mouth giving taste on the pallet a nicer cleaner experience. Cinnamon has the dominance though not too overpowering and that buttery note just compliments it perfectly.
Vapour production: 8/10

This liquid loves high watts I can certainly produce clouds when wanted.

Flavour strength: 8/10

Cinnamon can sometimes be too strong and overpowering, each flavour complimented each other just right in this one. If only I could eat it.

Overall thought 9/10

Would I purchase This liquid, certainly its an all day vape and rather pleasant in the colder months that we experience with that little kick on cinnamon on the back of the throat.