Royal Blood by Steep House

When it comes to flavours and juices I am a very picky person, I get through a fair amount trying to find that right one and if I do I’ll vape it regulary.. with the occasional dripping dabble in others so as to experiment before returning to the one that caught my eye.. or rather tongue.

I have had my eye on the Steep House range for some time now all the while watching my bank account slowly decreasing over the course of the month and at the same time looking at my stockpile of “premium” juices… should I? I can just starve for a day or two! surely it would be worth it… right?

When clicking onto the Steep House website we are presented with a user friendly and clean design that is easy to navigate. Steep House stocks 20 of their own range, starter kits, mods, RDA’s and some other ranges of juice.

Yes, I did say TWENTY different flavours and they range from Blackcurrant Chews with a hint of Marshmallow to Custard and American Red Tobacco. So you can see my predicament in choosing a juice that I thought I would like… when they all sound so delicious.

Today I opted for Royal Blood:

Flavour Profile: “The ultimate blue slush combo, raspberries, lychee, blackcurrant and fairground-style slush.”
VG/PG: Optional 80/20 or 70/30
Nicotine: 0, 1.5, 3 or 6
Size: 10, 30, 50 or 100ml
Price: £3, £7, £9 or £16 respectively

Testing Mods:
“Lurgan Spade” series box
Twisted Messes RDA w/ standard kanthal at 0.3
RDA wicked with Cotton Candy

Koopor Plus
Aspire Cleito using a 0.2 Coil


Upon receiving my speedy Royal Mail red card at 5pm on Thursday. I proceeded to fall to the floor in tears, cursing my postie for not just throwing it into the hallway. Today I queued in a mountainous line eagerly awaiting my package, swaying and tutting before tearing into my vape mail 100ml of sweet sweet nectar that I would soon devour.

Royal Blood upon shaking and opening released several aromas that seemed familiar to me, Dripped on the knuckle I found the Blackcurrant dominant but not sickly sweetened.

The Inhale – A subtle raspberry with a good throat hit but not overwhelming enough to make me cough or splutter.

The Exhale – The blackcurrant is noticeable but blended to make this as quoted “The Ultimate Blue Slush Combo”. I found myself smacking my lips together savoring a treat before turning up the settings on my Koopor wondering how it tasted under strain and I was not disappointed.

I opted for the 70/30 and while some juices at this mixing ratio, I often found the throat hit too much or the juice too sweet but alas with a subtle blend of high-quality ingredients I can have clouds for days.

Would I buy it again? Well, let’s just say that I have the Steep House Website bookmarked, added to my home screen awaiting payday, joined the Facebook group – and of course, given due warning to my postman.

Clouds… glorious glorious clouds outside the food bank.
Worth it!