“Rice Crispy Treats” by Hometown Hero

Well, it’s time for another trip to Austin Texas with another liquid review from Hometown Hero!

We have previously reviewed “Angel’s Breath” from their line with more to come. Today we are reviewing “Rice Crispy Treat” The folk at Hometown Hero describe this liquid as:

“Rice Crispy Treats eliquid by Hometown Hero is as close you can get to inhaling a tray of gooey rice crispy treats. We are pretty sure it is more addictive than most hardcore street drugs, and the fan base of this flavor has been known to do some pretty wild things for just one hit.”

Sounds fantastic!

Each product from the Hometown Hero line features a unique piece of artwork for each flavour and Rice Crispy Treat is no exception. A rather unusual four-eyed little creature and some Asian-esque symbols…..

For this review we are using the following hardware:

For this review we are using the following hardware:

  • IPV4s mod
  • Hastur RDTA from Cthulhu Mod (review coming soon)

This liquid is a 70VG/30PG blend with 3mg of nicotine.

Taking a little sniff from the bottle reveals a sweet almost marshmallow scent…

Time for the inhale! Very subtle with a mild crispy taste, not much sign of the marshmallow so far. The inhale is where the two flavours blend together as a whole and presents itself as the delicious marshmallow treat.

This liquid doesn’t really have an overpowering flavour, nothing too in your face which could cause you to grow sick of it after a time. Just enough for an enjoyable vape. Would I buy this? I’m going to say yes, the flavour is just strong enough and matches the description. Being a 70/30 VG high ratio produces a decent amount of vapour (especially in the Hastur RDTA).

We are in talks with a few UK based vendors and will hopefully get this line of liquids stocked closer to home soon enough!