“Red DNA” by UK Labs


The folks at Bowman Specialised Liquids were kind enough to supply us with a few of their best-selling products for review. Today we will be taking a look at their “Red DNA” from the UK Labs range. The blenders describe “Red DNA” as:

“A unique strain of tangy sweet citrus fruits infused with a sweet lemon sorbet”

50ml (1.7 fl oz)

MPG/VG Ratio 20%/80%

So, it looks like we have another Pink Lemonade-like flavour today! Readers of our reviews will know that I’m an avid fan of this particular flavour so as always, the bar will be set quite high.

For this review we will be using the following hardware:

The initial sniff from the bottle is very pleasant. Having made some of my own Pink Lemonade in the past, picking up the individual flavours for similar flavours has become much easier. The citrus notes are dominant here with hints of the sweetener.

The Inhale – The throat hit with “Red DNA” isn’t as harsh as some of the similar flavours we have tried on the market. The lemon is definitely the dominant flavour here.

The Exhale – Pink Lemonade as a e-liquid can be a rather complex blend of flavours which few have mastered, Red DNA includes the citrus notes with tangerine and the lemony sorbet instead of your standard lemon flavour which makes quite the difference with the overall taste, adding more of a bite. The amount of sweetener isn’t overbearing which in my opinion is where a lot of blenders go wrong with this particular recipe Pink Lemonade is supposed to be a refreshing flavour with the crisp bite of citrus.

Red DNA in this enthusiasts opinion is one of the better blends on the market today. Taking a somewhat different approach to the blend with the sorbet really improves on the classic vaping flavour that is Pink Lemonade. Would I buy this product? For the respectable price of £14.99 for a 50ml bottle, I’m going to say yes! Available now on the Bowman Specialised Liquids website.