“Raspberry Candy” by You Got E-Juice

Today, I’m excited to be bringing you a review of an e-liquid from a brand that I have not tried out before – You Got E-Juice. Based in California, USA, You Got E-Juice aim to make premium e-liquids at an affordable price – indeed, their slogan states that they’re ‘making vaping affordable for everyone.’ In the present market, especially with the TPD directive looming over us, this is an ethos that we welcome.

The manufacturer clearly states that they only use quality ingredients in their products and have no unnecessary additives or colourings included. They also take care to sell only to those of appropriate age, with an age-verification requirement on their website (as in, actually requiring photographic ID as proof) for residents living in certain ares. This is an initiative that we strongly commend and would encourage other manufacturers and vendors to follow suit.

So, the flavour that I am trying out today for review is ‘Raspberry Candy’. This is one of 29 flavours that You Got E-Juice have available – a huge line by any manufacturer’s standards. One caveat that I have found in the past is that the more flavours a manufacturer offers, the less attention to detail they have for each one. However, You Got E-Juice appear to have carefully crafted each of these flavours and have proudly labelled each as a premium e-liquid. All of their products are made up at a VG/PG ratio of 70:30 and are available at nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg.

The packaging of the product is functional and the necessary information is clearly presented. As you can see from the image above, the bottle is of a more-than-decent size. I got this in 120ml, but you can also purchase bottles of 60ml and a whopping 240ml. The pricing of their products – considering the sizes here – is extremely attractive (although obviously, for those of us in the UK, the sizes are not something that we’ll be able to avail of for much longer).

You Got E-Juice market Raspberry Candy as, ‘A Raspberry Hard Candy enhanced with sweet strawberries and wild blueberries.’ Thankfully this – as with the rest of their product descriptions – is clear and succinct. One of my biggest annoyances is when a flavour is described in such a vague and baffling way that, after reading it, you’re left even more bewildered about what the e-liquid could possibly taste like.

The image above was taken when the product was received – I can safely say that there is less than even a quarter of the bottle left at present. It is so good as an all day vape, which is not at all what I had expected from a candy-based flavour. The taste, on the exhale, reminds me exactly of hard-boiled, strawberry and cream sweets. Certainly, the strawberry is the stronger note at this point, with the creamy texture adding to the overall flavour. The tartness of the raspberry is much more prominent on the inhale, but it is mellowed somewhat by the softer blueberry – so as to not become too sharp a draw. Overall, this combination of refreshing fruit and the creamy overnotes serve to make this a consistent flavour that is difficult to tire of. You Got E-Juice do recommend steeping their products upon delivery, but I jumped straight in and so the flavour has only become more and more rounded as I’ve worked my way down the bottle.

This flavour certainly gets a seal of approval – and so do You Got E-Juice for delivering on their promise of premium flavours at more than affordable prices. They have established themselves well within social media outlets and I would recommend that if you haven’t already heard of them, that you check them out. If the rest of their line is as enjoyable as Raspberry Candy, then you’ll definitely find something there that’ll keep your taste buds happy.