“PopDeez” By Steep Vapors

This juice really appealed to the child in me. As well as receiving 30ml of e-liquid, you also get a surprise in the box! In my case, they included a really nice drip tip.

It is available in 0,3,6 and 12mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40.

The Blenders describe PopDeez as “awesome caramel popcorn flavour e-liquid.

My set-up is as follows:

  • Dotmod Petri (double airflow cloud cap)
  • Dual quad twisted 26g kanthal – 5 wraps – 0.13Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

This juice comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. The label is attractive, with an inoffensive colour scheme. The nicotine level is included in the image but there is no mention of VG/PG ratio.

The bottle comes in a matching box that holds the aforementioned surprise!

I have to note here that when I first received this, it smelled, looked and tasted extremely freshly made. There was no flavour to the liquid at all and it still had a chemical type smell. I left the bottle opened for about 48 hours and then replaced the lid and waited a week to try it. The results in this review are based on my vaping it around a month after it first arrived. Even now there is a slight chemical smell to the juice but I don’t imagine it will change much at this point.

Inhale – There is very little flavour detected on the inhale, perhaps a slight creaminess.

Exhale – The caramel and something reminiscent of popcorn do appear on the exhale but it is very subtle. It’s certainly not unpleasant but I think, in a tank, you would struggle to taste anything at all. I switched to the single air hole cap for the Petri at this point and the flavour became a little more condensed but no more prominent.

In conclusion – I’m not sure I would recommend this juice to anyone who didn’t find other e-liquids to be over-flavoured. With a 60/40 VG-PG ratio it wouldn’t be great for cloud chasers either. The vapour production is average. The free surprise gift makes for exciting vape mail but it would appear to be a gimmick to help sell a sub-par e-liquid.