“Planet Jupiter” by MEO Ejuice

I often refuse e-liquids that are fruit-based - normally with the excuse of, "Thanks but, I'm actually more of a custard person..." (which, outside of vaping circles, really makes no sense whatsoever). The e-liquid that I'm reviewing for you today, however, IS a fruit-based flavour. One sniff of Planet Jupiter from the bottle and I was intrigued - this stuff doesn't smell like cheap berries or synthetic strawberries. It almost smells like sherbet, but not in an overpowering way. With memories of childhood sweets being conjured up, I excitedly got straight down to business - totally forgetting that I'm not supposed to like these flavours. And so, I'm excited to be bringing you this review of a wholly fruity e-liquid - and I think that if you're like me and haven't ventured too far away from creamy, custardy flavours, you'll want to read on.


Firstly, a bit about the company. MEO Ejuice are a Canadian company that hail from Caledon, Ontario. They have a number of lines of Ejuice - as well as MEO, they are also the creators of MILK e-liquids and the RL Signature Series. Now, if you are a bit like myself and like to question the logic behind everything, you were probably wondering why an image of earth's greatest symbol - the humble tree - is planted on the front of a bottle of e-liquid that goes by the name of Planet Jupiter. The reasoning behind this - well, what I presume the tree means - is that MEO is an organic line of e-liquids; they are free from artificial flavourings, artificial additives or sweeteners, food colouring and DAP (Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl). This is more than welcome news for those of us who are mindful of what actually goes into the juices that we are using.

I opted to try Planet Jupiter out at a strength of 3mg, but it is also available at strengths of 0mg, 6mg and 12mg. The VG:PG ratio of this product (and the rest of the e-liquids in the MEO line) is 70/30.

MEO Ejuice describe Planet Jupiter's flavour as a 'berry blast in the mouth', with 'a very light blueberry undertone overtaken by Swedish berries, ripe strawberries and pomegranate and finished with a light cream.' Now I know I said this wasn't creamy and - believe me - it isn't in comparison to what I usually go for. But it IS the only entirely fruit-based flavour that I've fallen in love with so far, so maybe there is just enough of a hint of creaminess in the exhale to tide me over.

The overwhelming flavour of Planet Jupiter, for me, is the taste of Swedish berries. I don't mean actual berries from Sweden, but the gummy sweets sold under the name of Swedish Berries (although, if they're called Swedish Berries they MUST taste like berries from Sweden... Right? Am I right here?!). What I'm referring to is a really, fruity gum and this is exactly why Planet Jupiter reminds me of all those sugary sweets from when I was a kid. Except, now I can vape this and my teeth are not being sacrificed for the enjoyment of the flavour. Hurrah!

As you can probably assume, I've been head over heels for this. It is a very, very sweet e-liquid so it may be a bit too much for some of you who like the more mellow flavours. However, I personally have not found it to be sickening at all after prolonged use - it's more of a 'delicate' sweetness that doesn't overwhelm. The flavour is pure and authentic - and I'm especially impressed that the manufacturer has avoided the taste coming across as overly artificial.

So, if you are after something very fruity, fun and authentic - give Planet Jupiter a try. The smell of this e-liquid alone is amazing. And the flavour of Planet Jupiter is somewhat out of this world. Pun intended.