“Pipe Potion No.2” by Crilly Wizard

Manufacturer’s Description: “An oak cask matured potion of distinction, imparting complex bitter-sweet and woodsy tobacco flavours, with a coffee note and subtle candied floral fruit overtones. Giving a full bodied, yet well-rounded aromatic flavour, this is a sensual vape for all discerning e-cigarette or e-pipe users, equally suited to morning coffee or evening whisky alike….”

Statistics: Pipe Potion No. 2 by Crilly Wizard , Available in 0mg, 5mg, 10mg and 15mg strengths, 30ml bottle, 15%PG/85%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.5Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini at 15 and 30 watts.

Now, I must admit this right at the start, as all bias’s should be. I am not one for tobacco flavours, I never have been when it came to vaping. Coming from a pipe smoking background, I have never been able to find a tobacco flavour from any company that adequately replicates the complexity of flavours that a good tobacco could convey. That is, until now.

Also worth note is the presentation of the sample I had received to review, clearly the druid behind this concoction has taken time and put effort into it. The little strap of leather wrapped around the neck of the bottle, a laminated card with a description of the flavour and a note, from the druid to myself, which detailed the process taken to produce such a liquid, the maturing in oak casks, the small batch sizes and even recommending how to approach the liquid and it’s flavours.

Removing the cap from the phial greets you with a subtle array of flavours, a woody, almost smoky scent coming from the time spent in oak casks, a tinge an almost syrupy sweetness, a slightly bitter-sweet topping of tobacco that reminds me of a good cavendish tobacco, just finished slightly with a floral note.

The first few puffs of this liquid were simply pleasant, a warm, smoky flavour of a choice cavendish style tobacco, a slight floral note as the flavour passes the sinuses on the retrohale, the exhale presenting a warm, oaky smoke sort of flavour on the exhale. Sitting with it, the flavour opens up., touches of sweetness, bright notes of what could be likened to a well made coffee.

As I sat and slowly puffed my way through the tank, the flavoured continued to develop, a little bit of a tart sweetness tinging the end of each puff ever so slightly and lingering on the lips, the flavour remains a pleasant mixture of subtle complexities, each little flavour complimenting one another and mingling perfectly.

It is important to note that this is not a flavour to rush through, this is a flavour to sit and savour, as you take your time with it, you will find yourself revelling in the beautiful thick, white clouds of vapour that hang around the room pleasantly, tenderly scenting the air around you with the pleasant scent of this liquid.

One last point I need to make. It isn’t often that I am presented with an opportunity to say this, but this e-liquid is capable of being a compliment to other flavours. If you are sitting with a cappuccino or a fine single malt, you will find yourself being able to enjoy the combination of the flavours, as opposed to tasting one negatively affect the other. It isn’t often that you find an eliquid capable of this.

So, My final thoughts on this liquid are this. Coming from someone who isn’t a fan of tobacco flavours, it is nothing short of sheer perfection, it’s a beautifully fragrant mixture of subtle flavours and nuances that compliment both each other and what you may be pairing it with during your down time. Pipe Potion No. 2 is nothing short than a credit to the druid that created it and I cannot discourage anyone using this as an all day vape, if I had a little keg of this in my office, I would gladly be vaping this regularly. I will be picking up a fresh phial of this very soon.

Description Accuracy: 10
-The description provided on the laminated card perfectly sets up the expectations for this flavour and is highly accurate.

Flavour Intensity: 6
– This isn’t an intense flavour, it is a beautifully subtle mixture of gentle nuances that work together to make the final product.

Vapour Production: 9
-This eliquid is capable of producing beautifully thick, airy clouds of vape that are an absolute pleasure to have lingering in the air afterwards.

Overall: 10

– Yes, It is just that good.
*All Day Vape*