“Pipe Potion No.1” by Crilly Wizard

Manufacturer’s Description: “An Oak Cast matured Potion of decadence giving subtle aftertastes of Tennessee Whiskey, which round out a finely balanced triple-tobacco blend on the inhale. Although suited to being an all day vape, this potion excels as a dessert flavour or just for those times when something extra special is called for…”

Statistics: Pipe Potion No. 1 by The Crilly Wizard, Available in 0mg, 5mg, 10mg and 15 mg strengths, Available in 30ml and 100mls bottles, 75% VG, 10% Distilled Water, 15% TFA and FA flavourings only in a PG base

Vaping statistics:  0mg strength, vaped on both a Uwell Crown tank with Uwell RBA, 0.47Ω Stainless Steel coil mounted on the Smok X Cube Mini at wattages between 15 to 30 Watts and the Tuglyfe  dual 18650 box mod by Flawless with the Velocity RDA equipped with dual coils measuring at  0.25Ω.

So, something new has emerged from the forests of Northern Ireland, where the Crilly Wizard himself has sat painstakingly brewing a new flavour. As those who are familiar with my review of the wizard’s other flavour, Pipe Potion No. 2 will know how positively I reviewed it. In fact, I loved it so much I purchased the larger bottle with no second thoughts. So Pipe Potion No. 1 has quite the standard to meet.

On first receiving the sample to review, I was once again surprised at the time taken in regards to the presentation of the Wizard’s concoction. Leather thong around the neck of the bottle, the hand stamped wax seal on the child resistant cap. As with the presentation of Pipe Potion No. 1, yet again proves that the blender has taken the time and effort to package the liquid invitingly. After carefully removing the cap and taking my first careful sniff of the scent that escaped the bottle, I was greeted with a rather subtle sweetness that was lavished with the sweet, charred scent of the whiskey mentioned in the manufacturer’s description. After sitting with it for a moment, I am positive I could smell almost syrupy sweetness to the liquid.

Once I had tore myself away from the bottle note, I indulged in the ritual of wrapping new coils for the Velocity RDA, wicking them and ensuring they were well saturated with the amber nectar that was the Pipe Potion before taking my first taste. In the regulated box, I was greeted with the warm, almost charred taste of the Tennessee whiskey on the inhale that mingled perfectly with a smooth, delicate mixture of tobacco flavours that the blender had opted to use, the exhale greeting me with a simply beautiful warmth on the throat. The retrohale greets you with a luxurious sweetness, leaving me with a pleasant first impression.

While trudging my way through journal articles and programming, I spent some quality time with Pipe Potion No. 1 in the Uwell Crown.  I found myself in the same situation as I did with Pipe Potion No. 2. I couldn’t chain vape it like other flavours. I was forced to take my time and savour every moment, and I did exactly that. On lower wattages, the flavour didn’t really present much, a soft blend of tobacco notes with a tender sweetness. However on higher wattages the flavour gets into it’s stride, almost with the same intensity as I experienced on the RDA.

After leaving this liquid to spend some time in my desk drawer while I worked on completing university projects, the flavours mellow slightly but retain their individuality resulting in a simply indulgent interaction of flavours. A liquid I simply cannot put down.

Overall, I find myself in the same position as I did after sampling Pipe Potion Number 2. Pipe Potion No. 1 meets and exceeds the expectations this reviewer had and is nothing short of a credit to it’s blender. Definitely a flavour that has to be tried, even if you aren’t a fan of tobacco flavours or Tennessee whiskey and as such, The Crilly Wizard’s e-liquid offerings are a range that I can passionately and highly recommend. This liquid gets a solid ten from me.