Pink Lemonade by Big Bottle Co.

It’s time for another juice review here at the Belfast Vape Bar and these guys have held nothing back! U.S based blenders Big Bottle Co. were kind enough to send us a rather substantial package to review for you guys.

Big Bottle is exactly what you get! With all the new high wattage sub-ohm tanks and thirsty RDAs on the market now, the price of juice can start adding up quite quickly. The folks at Big Bottle Co. have taken a very modest approach with their business model “So what’s our secret to being so affordable? It’s easy – we make a little less money. We’re happy to run a sustainable business without gouging you, our customers.” All of the flavours are dispatched in 120ml glass bottles with an extra long dripper so you can get out every last drop!

First, we will be reviewing Pink Lemonade from Big Bottle Co’s new Lemonade Stand range which they describe as ” Pink Lemonade: a fruity, tart glass of Pink Lemonade mixed with berries and freshly squeezed lemon that will make you book your next beach getaway”


Pink Lemonade is a staple flavour within the world of vaping and has been used by many different juice companies. This is also a flavour we have dabbled in mixing ourselves which makes it rather easy for our reviewers to pick out the individual concentrates that make up this popular flavour.

For this review we are using the following hardware:

  • Pharaoh Dripper Tank by Digiflavor w/ dual clapton build @ 0.24Ω
  • Atomizer wicked with Cotton Bacon V2
  • Asmodus Minikin V2 Mod

The Inhale – The most noticeable flavour with Big Bottle Co.’s Pink Lemonade is the lemon with subtle hints of the raspberry lingering close behind.

The Exhale – This is where the true and bold flavours reveal themselves. Hints of what almost tastes like tangerine… The lemonade and strawberry taking centre stage to make an all-round enjoyable vape. The flavour intensity with Pink Lemonade isn’t the strongest but the flavours themselves are what you should expect from a pink lemonade flavoured juice.

Would we buy this product? For the price, this is worth the purchase. In this age of high wattage atomizers, juice is being vaped at a much quicker pace. The Big Bottle Co. cater for the all day avid vaper!