“Pheonix Tears” by Shijin Vapor

Merry Christmas everyone, Gilters back for another juice review.

Today I’m going to have a look at the liquid line by Shijin Vapor based in California (rather confusing at first as I immediately assumed cheap Chinese rubbish).

So when I first seen this liquid line, I was immediately blown away with it’s presentation box and somewhat unusual bottle designs having a pump system rather than the widely known pipette dropper bottle.

The liquid I have with me here today is known as…

“Pheonix Tears” 3mg

Freshly baked cinnamon sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry cream that will be refreshed with every hit (like jumping into the waters on a hot Summer day.)

Pheonix Tears comes with an 85vg/15 pg blend which is more my style of ratio. The bottle at first I was rather impressed, having that oriental feel to its including the phoenix taking main stage on the design. All the usual markings are easy to read as you would expect.

This bottle has surely been aimed at vaper’s that use drippers over tanks, 2 pumps and your done (no pun intended) but on a more serious note this bottle leaks ridiculously BUT I have seen recently noticed online that these liquids are now available with the favoured pipette system (highly recommend over the pump style).

Time to get pumping, today’s setup is my XCube II set at 100w on the Atty3 rda at 0.21Ω

Smell test on this liquid is nothing like it’s description I’m getting a sweet creamy Banana and strawberry scent, strange I know.

On inhale, God that throat hit is insane for being 3mg let alone I feel like a floating now after three good long pulls, the flavour is a nice rather sweet cream with a subtle strawberry hint.

Exhale has now turned into more of a strawberry milkshake with that creaminess just mixing at the tail end of exhale. The strawberry is for sure bringing out the sweetness in the liquid making this a delightful vape but no cinnamon to be seen anywhere.

So the main question, would I buy this again. Yeah I sure would my bottles now empty after an hours use, though it would have to be in a dropper style bottle and 0mg as that nic is head blowing strong.