“PeelOut” by Conviction Liquids

Welcome to another e-liquid review by Foxy.
In this review we will take a look at “PeelOut” By Conviction Liquids.
I was contacted by the owner of Conviction liquids at the start of September asking if I had heard of them before…. I have to be honest, I hadn’t up until that message. I really don’t know why I hadn’t heard of them before because their juice is effing awesome!

Conviction liquids started out when the owner of the business felt compelled to make a juice that dared to be different, that dared to be bold and stand out from the crowd! Typically with the US juice market manufacturers flavours don’t really vary too much from one brand to another but in the case of Conviction e-liquids this is not the case.
My package arrived from the US less than 7 days from being posted. I was sent 3 juices, two of which I will personally be reviewing and one which has been sent to Stevo for review.

I like the whole concept behind the brand Conviction, it’s a bold outlaw type of design with their logo being similar to that of a tattoo (No Bad Ideas from me lol) which is also appealing to me. Anyhow, enough from me blowing smoke up their arses lol let’s have a vape and take this journey of discovery.

For this review I will be using the Turbo RDA with my typical 0.28Ω dual coil build on the IPV Mini2 set to 60w. The nicotine level is 3mg which is normally rather high for me but I had to get in 3mg as I wanted to see how their juice would be for the masses.

On opening the bottle I am pleasantly greeted with a smell of Banana or Cream which actually makes my mouth water at the thought of putting a few drops onto my dripper. The dripper on the top of the bottle makes sucking juice up and onto my atty an absolute breeze thanks to the sturdy rubbery/plastic nipple at the top. These bottles are actually the first drippers I’ve used where you can completely fill the entire glass dripper with just one good squeeze. This will allow me plenty of juice on one suck to completely prime my Atty before vaping.

On the inhale I get a very strong taste of Sweet banana on the tongue and as I hold in the vapour I get a nice subtle taste of coconut before I exhale. The coconut will explain the creamy smell when I opened the bottle. See, I’m not just a pretty face………..

On exhaling I get a delightful coconut taste with just a hint of mild pineapple to round the flavouring off to make it a totally taste bud tingling tropical tsunami of orgasmic flavour! I know that’s just cheesy but who doesn’t like a bit of cheese when reading a review?

The after taste of the liquid once I have had a few nice long puffs is somewhat similar to the taste of a Polly Pineapple Iced Lolly (If you are in the UK you will understand). The pineapple taste kinda lingers around for about 10-15 seconds and for me that’s the part I look forward to as the more consecutive puffs I take the stronger and sweeter the pineapple becomes.

Flavour: 10/10
Presentation: 10/10
Cloud Production: 7/10
Aftertaste: 10/10

As you can see, Conviction Liquids “PeelOut” has scored a perfect 10/10 right across the board for me…. The only figure that is lower than a 10 is the cloud production. The 7/10 score is reference to the 70/30 VG/PG mix and as such it has scored a perfect mark based on the VG ratio.
So would I buy this liquid again?? Try and stop me! I’ve always been a fan of American manufactured E-Juices as I tend to find American flavourings are much more potent than that used here in the UK. With such a high scoring on Foxys review chart It would be a crime for me to not buy more! Fingers crossed someone somewhere in the UK brings this wonderful juice to our shores.