“Pastry Parts” by G2 Vapor

Good evening all. So tonight I’ll be reviewing G2 Vapour liquid. Flavour, Pastry Parts mmm sounding good. I will be using the Troll RDA with dual coil six wrap at 0.3Ω fresh cotton of course on IPV4 at 60w.

I will also be testing this on a Kanger Sub Tank with 0.5 coils to see if there is a difference in flavour.

Let us begin. So on inspection of the bottle I’m greeted with a bright and attractive label with the G2 Vapor logo. Label contains warning logo with all necessary information as well as the bottling date “Born on: 28/8/15” Personally I like it when a bottle has a birth date and can see this becoming the norm on all E-liquids. I am however missing a best before or expiry date. Also missing a skull warning logo and triangle which is required by UK Health Standards. I have noticed a lot of liquids produced overseas do not contain this.

However the UK are introducing more liquids from abroad and we have regulations to adhere to, so I think overseas companies should consider implementing  the skull and triangle to their bottles to meet UK regulations .The bottle also has the batch number on it .The bottles also have child resident caps with tamper evident seals. We all like that now.

Now for a little bit of the company info:

G2 was established back in 2012 .They only use pure pharma grade VG & PG now that’s all good news. All the mixing is conducted in their HEPA filtered and industrial exhausted clean room using a professional gram scale providing consistent and exact batches every time. Bottling is conducted in a 3000 sq ft clean room utilizing a 30ft automatic bottling line assuring you receive accurately filled and packaged product every time. So guys you can tell a lot of planning, care and consistency goes into this liquid line.

Liquids come in a variety of nicotine levels to suit the novice to the seasoned veteran and personal preference. All liquids are available in 70% VG except for their 3mg line which is always MAX VG.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. On opening the bottle I take a big sniff, my mouth starts watering as I’m greeted with a sweet pastry flavour  with subtle notes of sweet strawberries  this is getting me excited. A few drops on the RDA and here we go. The first flavour that hits my taste buds is the sweetness of a glaze that I would find on a Danish from a bakery followed by a fresh taste of strawberry. I find the pastry flavour on the exhale. I was expecting this E-juice to be very sweet and I’m surprisingly surprised it’s a fresh vape and leaves me wanting more. In my case I could vape this E-liquid all day long and not get sick of it.

Now G2 Vapour describe this liquid as “fresh baked strawberry breakfast pastry“. It is exactly that, I will be vaping this liquid with a coffee in the morning and as a dessert after dinner.

The clouds are dense and fill the room with a bakery smell, no more Yankee candles for me. Now for the tank test…

With the tank filled, I have left the it to soak up the liquid for an hour just to let the cotton in the coil get fully saturated. Vaping at 45w and my goodness flavour has not changed much at all! The only difference I find is that I seem to be getting the strawberry first then followed by the pastry and sweetness of the glazed sugar. Again I’m left craving more and licking my lips with which taste of sweet sugar yum yum! I always love a flavour that makes my toes curl and puts a stupid grin on my face and this E-liquid does both. Good job G2 Vapor

Now for the scores:

Presentation: 8/10

Flavour: 10/10

Cloud: 8/10

Would I buy this liquid? I most certainly would. I hoped you enjoyed my review and look forward to my next review .This is Incognito wishing you happy vaping.