“Midnight” by Decadence E-Liquid

Welcome back to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at “Midnight” by Decadence Liquid.

We met the lovely chaps of Decadence Liquid down at VapeFest Ireland 2015 and we got to have a chat with the owner of the business James Davitt who I have to say was an absolute delight to talk to in every way! The passion he shows for his business is unlike that I have seen before and it really is a great thing to see when someone is as dedicated as James is!

The presentation of the line-up is unlike anything that I have seen before too with the four bottles coming inside a beautiful engraved acrylic presentation box. The bottle itself is very well presented too with the glass being of frosted appearance with a smooth dark label presenting the juice name and nicotine strength!

For this being a USA made E-Juice I was surprised to find ALL the correct warning symbols for not just UK sale but for sale across the globe. This also includes a corrosive symbol which for UK sale is not necessary but then again it’s better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes!

Product description on Republic of VapeA creamy French vanilla cheesecake covered in baked graham cracker crumbles and a caramel drizzle, our personal favourite.

For this review I will be running the LavaBox with the Temple RDA with a 0.2Ω dual coil build and airflow fully opened.

On opening the bottle I am greeted with a smooth yet sweet toffee or honey smell which really does drive the senses on a journey of orgasmic pleasure!

On the inhale I am greeted with the most delicious vanilla flavour I have encountered! It is so smooth yet delivers a totally awesome flavour overall which really develops more with the longer inhales. The longer I hold the vapour in for the more I can really taste the creamy base coming through to make the inhale a mixture of either vanilla ice cream or maybe a mild cheesecake? Either way its perfection in a bottle!

On the exhale I am blown away… I really am so in love that I don’t even want to continue writing this review. I would much rather take my bottle of Midnight into another room and have a passionate….encounter without any interruptions lol! The vanilla on the inhale really starts to mix perfectly with a delicious golden caramel flavour which is perfect for this seasonal time of year!

So now that we are at the end of the review it is time for me to ask myself whether I would go out and buy this juice once my review sample is finished. I am delighted to say that I certainly would! I honestly can’t think of a single thing that I would change personally with this juice! The manner in which it was received too was perfect thanks to James and his wife. Fair play guys for making one of the nicest juice lines I have tried to date!