“MFPB” by Vapergate

Vapergate are probably best known for the Alliance V1 and V2, and the new Mason RDA (Reviews coming shortly) but today I am reviewing a flavour from their range of juices, “MFPB”.

It is available in 0,1.5,3,6,12mg nicotine and has a VG/PG ratio of 80/20. I am using 1.5mg for this review

The manufacturers description is – “Imagine the inside of a Reese’s Pieces candy. The organic taste of peanuts matched with a deliciously sweet cream sidekick

My set up is as follows:

  • Royal Hunter RDA
  • Dual Hive 30g kanthal w/ 5 wraps – Coming out at 0.25Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Wismec RX200- Set to 100w

This juice comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. It is also available in 60ml and 120ml bottles.The label is bold and clear, the name takes centre stage with the producer above in a lighter text. The nicotine content is shown but the VG/PG ratio is not stated.

Opening the bottle and having a smell, it’s a very subtle smell, slight hint of peanut. Nothing overpowering or off-putting at this point.

Inhale –  Again, as with the smell test it’s a subtle peanut flavour at this point. It’s only when the vapour hits the back of your throat that the flavour begins to unfold.  No sign of the creaminess mentioned but I did get a slightly salty sensation across the roof of my mouth, just like I had licked some peanut butter off a spoon.

Exhale – The flavour really comes alive on the exhale. The slightly creamy and salty taste of peanut butter makes itself known. “MFPB” leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth that slowly fades leaving you wanting that hit all over again.

In conclusion –  I would recommend this juice for anyone looking for something a bit different from the ‘normal’ sweet flavours. At this point the only savoury e-liquids I would have used would have been tobacco based. This is a good alternative and is a great accompaniment to a beer. The subtle deliciousness makes this a great ADV. “MFPB” produces a dense, satisfying cloud that smells like a snickers bar. I will continue to use this one and given the collection of e-liquids I own, this is a real compliment!