“Mambo” by El Diablo

I have received three flavours from El Diablo to review. I’ve chosen to do “Mambo” first because on trying the three, this is the one I was most looking forward to vaping again.

The maker of El Diablo juices was initially interested and passionate about cooking. They have now used that same passion in the creation of their juice line.

For this review, I am using the max VG version of “Mambo” which is only available in 3mg.

A 50/50 version is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg.

The description of this juice is really interesting and inviting  – “Mambo is the Voodoo High Priestess. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, living relatives prepare bread and puddings as offerings to loved ones who have passed. The recipe is inspired by the Mexican flan that is a favourite offering.

Ripe bananas drizzled with sweet cream and warm caramel lie atop a beautifully light and fluffy sponge base

Now you have a bit of background to this brand, let’s get on with the vaping.My set up for this review is – Tugboat V2

My set up for this review is:

  • Tugboat V2
  • Dual quad twisted 26g kanthal – 5 wraps –  0.13Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

El Diablo juices are available in 10ml, 30ml and 100ml. The label is attractive and informative. There is a strong brand image with the Mexican “Day of the Dead” skull appearing on each bottle in a different colour corresponding to the juice inside.

The nicotine level and the date of bottling is included although it is handwritten, not sure if this is just the case with our samples but either way it’s written very neatly. The bottle states that this is high VG version but I’m not sure what the VG\PG ratio is exactly.

While smelling this e-liquid you will immediately notice the banana in it, it isn’t as harsh as some banana liquids can be. You can pick up the subtle tones of creaminess that mellows it out.

Inhale – This is quite bland for this juice. You can detect a warmth and creaminess but no real flavour at this point.

Exhale – The banana is immediately apparent here but after the initial hit the caramel/toffee unfold to join the banana. The aftertaste is a milky creamy banana. It is reminiscent of a really good banoffee pie minus the biscuit.

In conclusion –  “Mambo” is a great juice., it delivers what it promises. The vapour production is impressive, as a cloud chaser I always love to see the thick type of clouds that you can’t see through. This juice provides that and the great flavour is a huge bonus.

If the description of “Mambo” by El Diablo Juices appeals to you, you should order some. You won’t be disappointed.