LIT Mango by Okami

Welcome back to yet another line from the Ōkvmi line – called Lit. This line consists of 2 flavours, Melon and Mango, which will be reviewed separately.
Ōkvmi (Pronounced okami) was founded in 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada, USA as a lifestyle brand and also a boutique, graphic-design agency.

“The Imaginative Result of Combining Two Unique Southeast Asian Fruits to Create a One of a Kind Apex Flavour Experience.” The Lit range is available in 0,3,6 and 12mg nicotine with a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. This liquid will cost $22.00 + postage.

For this review I am using the following hardware:

  • Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200
  • Doge v3 by Congrevape
  • DWual Clapton build running at 60w

The packaging for this product has plenty of detail and is definitely eye-catching. The ingredients and warnings are nicely spaced out and easy to read. The bottle has a very nice look to it with a bright, colourful label – along with a quality dripper that holds the juice very well.

Upon opening the bottle there was a very nice, honey dew smell with underlying notes of melon. This definitely smells like it could be a winner! Now time to get this dripped on to my fresh cotton and get vaping.

The Inhale – There is a subtle aroma of honeydew resulting in a crisp, refreshing inhale that will leave you wanting more.

The Exhale – The exhale is very creamy, with an almost milky honeydew flavour and a very light condensed milk taste. There is a juicy honeydew aftertaste which I really enjoyed. The mouth-watering, fresh melon will give you a nice surprise as it explodes during the exhale, making for a very enjoyable vape.

Would I buy this product again? Yes, I would buy this again. I enjoyed this liquid as it had a very clean melon flavour while still nicely capturing the creaminess of the overall vape.