“Lime Bake” by Nom Nomz

Following on from my review of “Lemony Snicket”, this is my second review of juices from the Nom Nomz range. When I was trying all their flavours at the launch event, this is the one that really stuck with me. I’ve always been a fan of Elements dripper series “Key Lime Cookie” but once I moved on the using RDA’s, I discovered that it seemed to eat my wick and that the flavour was almost impossible to get rid off without rewicking. Since then there has been a lime shaped space in my e-liquid collection…… Not anymore!

Nom Nomz juices are available in 3 and 6mg nicotine. The VG/PG ratio of “Lime Bake “is 75/25.

The manufacturer’s description of this juice is – “Fresh baked cookies straight from the oven with a lime cream centre and a hint of coconut…nom nom
My set up is as follows:

  • Royal Hunter
  • Dual fused clapton – 9 wraps – Coming out at 0.62Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Noisy Cricket

This juice comes in a 30ml dropper bottle. It is also available in 100ml plastic bottles. I really love the colour scheme and the label design of this brand. It is minimalist but still interesting and eye catching. I personally find the 30ml bottle quite difficult to squeeze (I haven’t tried the 100ml so I can’t comment) I think the plastic is very slightly too thick for my liking. It does help to avoid over dripping in an RDA but I imagine it would be annoying when filling a tank.

“Lime Bake” smells exactly like it tastes, each of the three flavours mentioned are there from the moment you break you seal. But we aren’t in the wine sniffing business, let’s get on with the vaping.

Inhale – The lime is the dominant flavour at this stage but you do get the sense that something else entirely is about to unfold.

Exhale -The best way I can describe this juice is, like a “Nice” biscuit, the coconut, biscuity taste is just beautiful. It is joined by and entirely complimented by a shot of lime juice. I’m not sure I have ever tasted an e-liquid that has done such a good job with combining three flavours and getting the very best out of each of them. After vaping on it the lime wears off and the after taste would easily convince you that you have just had a “Nice” biscuit.

In conclusion – This is an amazing e-liquid. It is slightly different than what you would expect from the name but it gives much more than you would expect. It is like a beautiful cocktail and I could quite easy while away a sunny day with only this to vape on. If you like sweet vapes, lime, coconut and the delicious warmth of baked good, then this is the juice for you. “Lime Bake” produces a lovely dense, sweet smelling cloud which will entice you to vape on this again and again. It is very flavourful but it isn’t overpowering or sickening. It beats “Key Lime Cookie” hands down.