“Lepidoptera” CURIOSITÉS line by Fuu

Hey guys Gilters here it’s been a while from myself and finally bringing another liquid review.

Today’s liquid of choice comes from the CURIOSITÉS line by “Fuu” based in Paris.

From the first moment I set my eyes on this bottle I was rather intrigued and drawn to its appearance showing off what could only be called a magnificent design off the butterfly/moth hence the name.

In saying this the only downside to the design a good 80% of the bottle is in French not really marketing to the English speaking markets but apart from that top marks to the guys at Fuu.

“LEPIDOPTERA” 0mg 60vg/40pg

Red berries simmering gently in a copper pot. A big spoonful of this marvel in a jar of (homemade!) custard. A touch of motherly love in a tasty cloud of vapour.

On first opening the bottle, a overpowering smell of custard with a slight floral note to it. This liquids aroma lingers around the nose for sure.

Today I am using.

XCUBE ll at 70w
Wotofo Atty3
Dual twisted 0.3 build

On inhale:

A very smooth natural custard but sweetness behind its custard just wasn’t present, lacking that ennitial oomph that a custard vape would normally provide.

On exhale:

The custard has now became a more distant note, a slightly floral taste comes through with a light berry in the backround.

Throat hit:

None with being 0mg liquid it’s an extremely smooth vape.

Liquid taste: 4/10

Overall I’m not overly fused on this liquid I was more hoping on a nice tart berry with custard.

Vapour production: 7/10

Being a 60vg/40pg blend it still produced nice wispy clouds.

Would I buy this particular liquid,
personally no, I really was looking forward to this one. I don’t feel the liquid hits it mark. Good Presentation should always represent good taste on every note but this was a let down for myself.