“Le Blanc” by Marquee Vape

Marquee Vape logo

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to supply us with another line of products for review. For this reviewer, it’s the first time I’ve had a hands-on experience with a skull bottle! There are three flavours in the Marquee Vape line and today we will be reviewing “Le Blanc” they describe this juice as “Inspired by mango bellini’s of summer on the beaches of Marseille, and frigid winter of the French alps, Le Blanc is a marriage of sensual mango, coconut and vanilla, accentuated with frosty mint ice. In 30ml glass skulls”

Vendors interested in stocking this line, get in touch with Vivd Vapes

The Marquee Vape line of products are available in 30ml skull bottles, 70/30 VG high and in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine strengths.

For this review we used the following hardware:

  • Twisted Messes/Dovpo Mod
  • 24mm variant Mason Gemini II RDA (review coming soon)
  • Dual Twisted Coil build reading at 0.22Ω
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

Taking a little sniff from the bottle before we move on to the taste test. The mango mentioned in the description is the dominating aroma here with nothing else being revealed so far, not a sickly sweet or artificial mango but rather akin to the mango flavored yogurt drinks…

The Inhale – With “Le Blanc” the inhale is rather intense! A sinus clearing icy mint making this a rather refreshing vape so far. There is a subtle hint of coconut here but no sign of the aforementioned mango.

The Exhale – The same ice blast from the inhale but a tad milder blending rather well with the coconut. Almost as if you were to mix a pina colada with crème de menthe, unfortunately, the mango that was promised in the description only seems to appear with the initial sniff from the bottle.

Would I buy this product? For £15 for a 30ml skull bottle, I’m going to say yes. The bottle itself can be rather cumbersome when vaping on the go but if you’re sitting down for the evening “Le Blanc” is a rather tasty evening vape. The missing mango however is a little concerning and hopefully Marquee Vape will address this with future batches.

The Marquee Vape line is available now on the Vivd Vapes website and if you’re a vendor interested in stocking this product, please drop them an email.