KEVS JAM by Mech Addiction

Hello and welcome to another liquid review from the Belfast Vape Bar. Today I will be reviewing a liquid called KEVS JAM made by the guys over at Mech Addiction. This is a take on the popular strawberry jam. It comes in 0mg, 2.5mg, and 6mg in a 70/30 VG/PG ratio in a 100ml bottle with a crazy-cheap price of £10!

Yes, you read that right – 100ml for £10 – and when I received this liquid, my thoughts were, “£10, surely that’s a mistake… surely it can’t be good at that price?” But it wouldn’t be the first time the guys here at Belfast Vape Bar have found a hidden gem!

So let’s get straight to it. For this review, I will be using the following:

The ingredients and warnings are nicely spaced out and easy to read. The bottle has a very well designed label from Vape Labels, along with a quality nozzle that dispenses the liquid nicely.

Opening the lid and taking an initial smell, I was greeted with a very authentic strawberry jam scent. This is spot on in terms of being realistic in smell.

Let’s get this dripped onto some fresh cotton and see how it vapes.

The Inhale – On the inhale, there is a very candy-strawberry taste – almost like a strawberry lollipop. The flavour is just the right amount of sweet and not riddled with sugar sweetener.

The Exhale – The exhale is a bit more mature than the inhale, there is a very pungent fresh strawberry taste (that has me astonished that this liquid has got it right). The fresh jam gets my taste buds reminiscing about the days off making jam buns in my family bakery when I would take a sneaky lick of jam from the spoon. This is what jam liquid should taste like – there is no chemical taste or too much sugar. This will not get sickly while vaping and would make for a nice all day vape.

Would I buy this liquid again?

Since receiving this bottle and vaping approx. 50ml – and having already ordered another bottle – I can see this being one of my all day vapes. The accuracy of the flavour and value of this product is a no-brainer. Mech addiction has turned out to be a hidden gem and I will look forward to trying other liquids in the range.