“JumbleBerry Crumble” by Hodges Homebrew

Hey guys welcome to another review by Shakey at the Belfast Vape Bar. Today we’re taking a look at one of the newest Liquids from Hodges Homebrew. Jumbleberry Crumble.

They describe it as:

A magical mash up of the ripest berries and and topped with sweet golden crumble, not forgetting the side of custard that should accompany any great British desert

Well let me tell you they hit the nail on the head.

So let’s get down to it. Taking a look at the bottle Hodges have one of the best bottle designs on the market. The beautiful square bottle, the colourful and well printed labeling with all the warnings and signs that you need to show you it’s a good premium liquid. The logo for this line is very nice, it is literally all the berries exploding out of the bottle with the nice bold text to go with it. Lets face it though as sexy as the bottles are everybody just wants the juice so let’s get into vaping this rich berry pie and custard.

Anyone who has tried Hodges Homebrew know that any of their custard flavours are in my opinion one of the hardest to beat, so having your flavour accompanied by it makes it so so appealing.

Opening the bottle I’m instantly greeted by sweet berries and all the crust with it. No custard scent though which is disappointing, maybe its just my taste buds.

Today I’m using my

RX200 at 80 watts
With a .25 ohm clapton build
On the phenotype L RDA

Squeezing the juice onto the cotton its not too thick of a liquid. Being a good 70VG/30PG job I’m looking forward to the clouds. First hit of the liquid was all crust, no beating around the bush it was all crust but you always have to give it a few hits to get full flavour. So I took my second hit and there she blows! All the berries just boom smashed in the face. We have crust and custard mainly on the inhale and berries on the exhale. All I could think to myself was wow this is great! A solid liquid that you just cant tire of so 100% all thumbs up here.

I am very impressed Mr Shirley.

So for flavour I’m giving “JumbleBerry Crumble” a solid 9.5 for flavour

For Cloud production it gave off a nice large cloud. Not your typical cloud chucking liquid but good none the less 7.5

Have to hand it to Paul and the guys at Hodges they know what to be at when they design the labels, so for presentation I give it a 10 not many bottles like these.