Juice Parcel UK Review

With the epic amount of variety today when it comes to e-liquids, it can be quite daunting when choosing a new brand/flavour. You could always ask your friends, the staff at your local b+m store or check out the latest reviews right here.

A few subscription based suppliers have surfaced over the past few years offering a range of services such as flavour preferences, nicotine content (from 0-6mg) there is no option yet for choosing which VG/PG ratio you would prefer, let’s hope they add that soon so all you cloud chasers out there can get your nice high VG fix!

However a monthly subscription mightn’t be for everyone, a one off box for a reasonable price is what Juice Parcel UK are now offering.

Starting in January 2016 Juice Parcel is a vape e-liquid monthly box service that scours the planet in search of the biggest and best liquids available. Collecting them together to package up and send directly to the UK vaping community. The best thing about Juice Parcel is there is no subscription, no signup fees, or hidden contract agreement. We just want you to enjoy the sheer variety available today. We select the juices randomly, we have no manufacturing sponsors, keeping it original and different month in month out”

They were kind enough to send out one of their parcels for us to have a look at.

The Juice Parcel arrived to us in Northern Ireland in two days from England in perfect condition via Royal Mail. One change we can suggest however is to have the parcel in a slightly slimmer form factor to allow for letterbox posting.

Although having to sign for the parcel gives you that bit of extra security!

You can buy your own Juice Parcel from their site below:


75ml of mystery liquids delivered to your door for £32.99 inc. postage, let’s take a look inside!

Your Juice Parcel goodies come adequately padded with shredded paper to keep those bottles protected in transit. They COULD be given extra protection with the likes of packing peanuts or bubble wrap but they could also arrive in much much worse means. We have received packages here that was a simple envelope with bottles inside!

Moving on from the packaging, let’s see what goodies are buried within 😉

In this parcel we received five bottles in 3mg: Charlie’s Chaldust “Head Bangin Boogie“, Element “Key Lime Cookie”, Beard Vape Co. “No.71”, Cuttwood “Unicorn Milk” and Space Jam “Solstice”

There is quite the variety of flavours included as well as decent range of VG/PG ratios

Let’s see if this service is really worth the money…

After some research and comparing the individual bottle prices on Vape Club. The total savings from the Juice Parcel we received is £11.45! Whether it’s £1 or £100, saving is saving nevertheless.

We have a guarantee from the folk at Juice Parcel UK that you will always save money with their service!

Would I pay for this service? Most definitely! The suspense from dispatch to arrival, the anticipation of what flavours could lie in store and the fact it’s not subscription based simply order when you fancy something different. Hopefully they add the option to order for tank or dripper based atomizers.