Hellraiser by Vintage E-Liquids

Manufacturer’s Description: “Ablaze in fiery red, sweet ripened strawberries nestle on top of a sinfully delectable shortcake

Statistics: “The Hellraiser” by Vintage E-Liquids. Available in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg strengths. Available in 15ml bottles and 35ml bottles at 20%PG/80%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength. Vaped on a Smok X-Cube Mini with the Petri V2 RDA equipped with dual coils measuring at 0.35Ω

Now, before I even commence this review, I have to make two points clear: first, Vintage was the first line of liquid I ever tasted when I initially started vaping so I do have a positive bias towards Vintage’s e-liquids and secondly, I have to commend Vintage on the design of their e-liquid bottles – especially the ability to maintain the novelty, Zippo-style design and implement child proofing in their design.

Popping the top off these liquids is a little cumbersome, to begin with, but soon becomes second nature. In order to open, you press against the cap above the hinge then raise the top – as instructions on the rear of the bottle detail. Once I had popped the top off the bottle, I was greeted with a warm – almost rustic – biscuit scent. There was a slight oat-ness to the scent before it greeted me with a juicy, almost tart, strawberry scent.  Giving the bottle a slight squeeze brings out a burst of the juicy, inviting strawberry aroma.  This particular flavour certainly sets itself up very well.

The first few drops were simply decadent.  Initially greeting me with a burst of fresh, almost tart strawberries, and a delightfully earthy, cookie base. Each puff was inviting and incredibly morish.  At lower wattages, the juiciness of the strawberries really shines through, while at higher wattages, the biscuit base of the cheesecake rises to prominence.  On the exhale, I was greeted with a delightful smoothness and the sweet flavour from the cream cheese of the cheesecake.

When sitting with this particular liquid for a while, the flavour continues to remain pleasant and fails to disappoint. The flavours hang in the vapour in the air perfectly. Not only are they extremely pleasant, but they are simply a delight to sample.  The clouds off this liquid are also impressive; thick, white, fluffy plumes of vapour thanks to the 20%PG/80%VG base.

Overall, this liquid certainly hasn’t disappointed and when it comes to recommending this, I can wholeheartedly suggest this to anyone seeking a fruity, biscuit liquid.