“Head Bangin Boogie” by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

As you have probably gathered from previous reviews, I am always drawn towards upmarket e-liquids that have the premium packaging and marketing to match. Hailing from California, Charlie’s Chalk Dust have really hit the nail on the head here with one of the best set of bottle designs on the market. Clearly, a lot of work has been put into their marketing and the packaging of their black label products reflects the brand name well. Crisp white visuals against a matt-black background fully emanates chalk on a traditional blackboard, and the design of the label is both clever and current. In terms of appeal, this is definitely a bottle that would immediately catch anyone’s eye on a shelf.

The flavour that I’m reviewing today is Head Bangin Boogie – one that won the award for ‘Best Fruit’ at the Vape Nights trade show in Ontario, CA. This has a 70:30 VG to PG ratio and is described by Charlie’s Chalk Dust as a ‘tropical blueberry popsicle that will knock your pants off’. With an award under its belt and a description like that, this flavour certainly commands some high expectations.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust can only be described as both fresh and eccentric (on that point, do check out their ABOUT US page for some quirky reading) – and this flavour is no different. On the inhale, there are light notes of blueberry and a hint of sherbet. The exhale brings with it an entire melody of flavours, with a compelling fusion of both sweet and citrus-like tastes. Whilst the blueberry provides depth in its undertones, the tartness of the sharper fruit flavours makes this an extremely refreshing vape – something that I had not expected from a blueberry-based e-liquid. Charlie’s Chalk Dust are certainly not wrong to proclaim that this blend will knock your pants off.

The first time I tried this flavour I thought to myself, “This is different!” I have been vaping Head Bangin Boogie solidly for the past few days and I’m still thinking the same thing. If you are expecting a traditional blueberry e-liquid, this is not it. What this is, is a flavour that is simultaneously unusual, yet comfortingly familiar. Unusual, in that it is next to impossible to ‘pin’ down the flavours that are present in a vape with Head Bangin Boogie. Every vape brings with it something slightly different than the last – this is definitely an e-liquid that you can explore. Comfortingly familiar, however, because it does bring with it a sense of nostalgia. The powerful mixture of fruitiness and sherbet hails memories of gobstoppers and other childhood sweets, making this a fun and thoroughly enjoyable concoction of flavours. It may be a little too over-powering after extended use to be an all-day vape, but it certainly is an enthralling e-liquid that I will enjoy returning to time and time again.