“Hammer” by Boilermaker

Welcome to another review by Shinx. This time we are reviewing “Hammer” by Boilermaker coming to us the whole way from the state of Michigan, USA
Heres a little bit of info about Boilermaker themselves.

Our mission at Boilermaker Vapor is to create e-liquids that symbolize the strength and fortitude of “Blue Collar” America.

We are committed to creating e-liquid flavors that bring to life the core values that speak to the heart of our nations working class: Quality, Ingenuity and Passion.

Our e-liquids are carefully crafted to provide our vapor customers with flavor experiences that are characteristic of these values. Our commitment is to produce e-liquids of the highest standard of quality, a quality only an “American Born” e-liquid company can meet.
Here at Boilermaker Vapor, we cherish our American Heritage and the responsibilities that come with it, always remembering to “NEVER FORGET WHERE WE CAME FROM”

Quite a nice little spiel from Boilermaker there! I love it! Now, a huge thank you to Boilermaker for sending us their entire line in 30ml bottles. So far we have reviewed Vise, Chisel, Anvil and Rivet. This is one of the final liquids from their line we have to review!

On to the juice itself presentation is excellent! Old fashioned style label with Boilermaker’s fantastic logo on the front. Clearly states VG/PG ratio and Nic strength and in this case its a 50VG/50PG ratio and a 3mg strength.

On the rear of the bottle is a more clearer description of what Hammer is all about.

Powerfully built for making lasting impressions, the loudly accentuated, hard-hitting HAMMER is one you’ll never forget. Thundering in magnanimous layers of crisp vanilla, savoy butternut, and hazelnut toffee. This flavor-dominated, taste-bud pulverizer will blow you away! Sounds yummy! Lets crack ‘er open!!

Now this being a 50/50 based liquid I decided against a RDA and moved to one of my favourite tanks! The Smok TCT Pro!

Mod: Smok XCube II set in temp mode at 500 degrees Fahrenheit
Atomizer: Smok TCT Pro Ni200 Coil 0.15Ω

Juice smells very nice. Strong Vanilla with hints of a nutty toffee.

On the inhale I was greeted by a influx of an awesome vanilla with strong taste of nutty toffee! I wouldn’t call it sweet its more savoury.
Holding the vapour in the mouth for a few seconds the vanilla is more prominent in this juice. Its really very enjoyable.

Impressed so far! What’s the exhale like?

On the exhale the butternut rears its head and mixes beautifully with the vanilla and the sweet hazelnut toffee! An excellent juice for all you sweet sugary lovers out there! The butternut and hazelnuts mixes so well with the savoury vanilla then the toffee comes in to hold everything together with a mild sweetness. Not too strong or sickly.

What my final verdict on this juice then? Would i buy it when my review bottle is finished? Personally yes. While i do like this liquid i do not find it to be an all day vape because after a tank of it i found it to be too overpowering on the throat with it being a 50/50 juice. If this was a 70/30 juice I would gladly vape it all day!
This is the only complaint i have.

What’s the scores then?

Flavour: 8/10 can be quite sickly if you were to vape it all the time

Aroma: 9/10 Vanilla with hints of hazelnuts and toffee.

Design: 9/10 Great design! Love the retro thing Boilermaker have went for!

Cloud Production: 6/10 Being a 50/50 juice this is more for flavour so don’t expect anything ground breaking.

Trust in Shinx when I say this is a pretty good juice and if you have the chance to try it, do so!