“Gorilla Trigger” by Button Junkie

Hello again comrades!

Today I received a new juice to review and pretty excited about it!

Let’s get started!! The liquid this time is named Gorilla Trigger made by Button Junkie. Blenders description of this juice:

“With sweet and juicy pineapple set off against a rich, moist, buttery cake producing a gentle and exquisite balance, this juice is truly an intoxicating and refreshing flavour combination.”

From observing the site, this fine number comes in two sizes, 15ml and 30ml with a range of nicotine strengths that come in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg. The strength I have been supplied with is 3mg and 70/30 vg/pg ratio that stays the same throughout their line.

The label and artwork on this product is fantastic! Really funky looking and if you saw this while in your local b&m, it would be certainly attract you to it before finding out the flavour profile! Which will then be a deal clencher! The label features a cartoon-like gorilla tastefully picking his nose and wielding a gun in a really “up yours” animated way!

The hardware I’m using for this review is my wismec rx200 and uwell crown on the 0.25 coil

Lid Up – I’m hit with a rich pineapple scent and an underlying tone of a sponge cake freshly baked and drizzled with sweetness.

Inhale – It’s a very sweet inhale, almost as if you’re drinking the left over pineapple juice that comes on your pineapple rings tin!……Don’t judge me it’s not just me who does it!

Exhale – After that beautiful inhale, the exhale really finishes this off! The rich buttery base really shows itself on the exhale with that pineapple backing it would easily be a satisfying all day vape!

Conclusion – Would I buy this? Yes but would have to be in big quantity’s as this 15ml sample has lasted me two hours! Can’t put it down! A slight con if you can call it that, I would like it to have seen it with a custard element included to just leave a warm finish aftertaste that will lurk on the ole taste buds.

Thanks for reading the review and thanks to Button Junkie for providing me with this sample!

Available from www.ecigwizard.com