“Funta” by Vaper Boy

Hey guys and welcome to another review from myself shakey.. today we are doing a juice review on a liquid made by Vaper Boy and it’s called….Funta Orange. Yes… Funta Orange. Let’s get straight into a close up and then get a good vape on.
Having a quick juke over the bottle it genuinely looks like a bottle of a certain fizzy drink we all know. They say that It’s the satisfaction and wanting more feeling you get from sipping the last bit of your favorite ice cold Orange flavored drink. Over and over again. They state that it has:

– Excellent Taste and Smell
– Ice Cold Orange flavour
– Made in Malaysia E-Liquid
– PG50 / 50VG Blend

This juice was provided for the purpose of review by the folks at Air Distribution, vendors interested in stocking the products available can reach them via the link in the image below.

Air Distrubtion

Normally I’m not one for a 50/50 liquid but let’s have a vape of this stuff and get a final verdict. So literally seconds after popping the cap on this bottle the orange has filled my office…. jeepers it’s crazy. I also get the smell of menthol which I assume is the ice flavour to this. Today I’m dripping this onto my mason 30mm on the Asmodus iMnikin 120watt mod at 80 watts. Put a nice .2 ohm parallel build for all its surface area. Dripping this stuff it turns your cotton bright orange straight away. Looks

Dripping this stuff it turns your cotton bright orange straight away. Looks good to be honest and the smell just keeps getting stronger and stronger. First hit and wow. Straight out of the gate the flavour is right up there!! All guns blazing menthol and orange. Simple yet absolutely amazing. If I’m honest its simply awesome. I’m very impressed indeed. The more you vape it doesn’t get any duller. Although I can imagine no matter what i drip onto this cotton now it’s all I’m going to be able to taste.

All in all, I’m very impressed with this liquid. For being a 50/50 you can’t expect insane clouds or anything but the productions grand. The flavour hits the nail on the head though I’m gunna have to rate it very highly it put a smile on my face when i tried it for the first time.