“French Tobacco” by Simple Vape Co.

Manufacturers Description:

A warm and rich flavour full of texture with nutty undertones and hints of chocolate, caramel and mild spice. Developed with the help of expert tobacconists to deliver a strong sense of flavour and a satisfying draw. Steeped for longer to instil extra body and a long-lasting taste.

As a former smoker of roll ups, I was far too excited to get my mitts on this tobacco offering from the Simple Vape Co.

I’ll be using my Smok Micro R80 with the Little Boy RDA for this test drive, running 50w and 0.2ohms, so nothing strange or startling.

Firstly, let me talk about the packaging; this bottle is classy. It really does scream of that London culture we Northern Irish so desperately try to emulate. A black bottle, black label, with minimalist white text oozes decorum and a touch of the special.

On opening the bottle I instantly get a tobacco hit, it fills the room within seconds – it’s very, very strong. If any chocolate is in there it’s well and truly diluted and overpowered. If this is how the French take their tobacco I’d rather stay in Norn Iron.

On the inhale this juice is unsettling. I can barely describe it without coming across as overly harsh, but I assure you, it’s not pleasant. I love relating flavours to the things we all love – but this time it has to be something we hate.It’s a damp, burnt out, pipe tobacco type flavour that reminds you of that old man in the corner of the pub puffing away on some horrid concoction. He’s probably wearing tweed and has a wife with a beehive for a haircut.

The exhale doesn’t get much better, the flavour is that strong we barely have any room for the juice to develop.

This is the first, and hopefully last, time I have to cut a review short. After 3 or 4 minutes of tasting I’ve had my fill. Job done. Game over. I lose.

This juice is only going to appeal to a very small minority of people, which is disappointing at best. The Simple brand is arguably the most visually attractive I’ve came across, but this elixer doesn’t quite match up.