Dragon’s Breath by Crilly Wizard

Manufacturer’s Description: ”A third instalment from the Crilly Wizard’s den, Dragon’s Breath is a warm, dark, and spicy potion of exceptional depth and complexity. Benefitting from an extended period of maturation, this Oak cask steeped liquid is supplied fully rounded, highlighting the exotic blend of fine tobacco notes, underpinned with a rich coffee aroma. When independent of nicotine content, Dragon’s Breath exhibits a spiced peppery throat hit, which adds to the elegant bitter-sweet aroma to complete a potion fit for Uther Pendragon himself!”

Statistics: Dragon’s Breath: Seethe Reserve by Crilly Wizard, Available in 0mg, 5mg, 10mg and 15 mg strengths, Available in 30ml and 100mls bottles, 75% VG, 10% Distilled Water, 15% TFA and FA flavourings only in a PG base

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Dotmod Petri RDA, dual 8 wrap 22AWG Kanthal coils totalling 0.25Ω l mounted on the Wismec RX2/3. Vaped 30 to 80 Watts.

Something different comes from the Druid behind the masterful creations that are Pipe Potion No. 1 and Pipe Potion No. 2. While boasting a blue wax seal and matching label,  I assure you that the presentation fits right in with the other liquids in from Crilly himself. The same attention to detail has been shown with this entry, hand stamped wax seal, leather thong tied around the neck of the bottle. Once again making it a feast for more than just your sense of taste.

The bottle note reveals a beautifully subtle mixture of flavours that constitute this offering from the Crilly Wizard. Light woodsy tobacco notes, the oakiness from the White Oak barrels the Crilly is famed for steeping his batches of nectar in with a light spiciness to top off the bottle note, similar to cardamom or  nutmeg. As with Crilly’s other liquids, the bottle note is an experience in its self and one I had to tear myself away from.

The initial puffs of this liquid present something I have found with no other liquid. Coffee notes that borders on perfection. A rich, deep, and  well-brewed espresso, cut just at the right time to bring out the light earthiness and bitterness characteristic of a well-brewed shot. This beautiful coffee note is accompanied with  delightfully spicy tobacco notes, reminiscent of Yenidji, Latakia and Perique while lacking the typical sour aroma from Oriental Tobaccos. A deep lungful of this delightful liquid gifts the vaper with a peppery exhale, an almost aniseed flavour as it passes through the sinuses and a room note that is an absolute pleasure to experience.

Spending an afternoon with this liquid is an absolute reward in itself.  A flavour that doesn’t fall flat, the delicate, warm and spicy notes of this liquid remind me of a good spiced rum. Warm, inviting, intoxicating and utterly indulgent. Curiosity lead me to sample both at once and once again, I find myself astonished at how complimentary a good liquid can be. A tot of fine rum and a measure of Dragon’s Breath is a combination that  simply has to be experienced.

This is a liquid that is an absolute delight, meeting and exceeding the expectations set by the previous two offerings from The Crilly Wizard. This is a liquid that I could easily return to, time and time again. Relishing in its complexities and revelling in the delicate combination of flavours. The Druid from County Tyrone in Nothern Ireland has once again outdone himself. I cannot even begin to hesitate in recommending this liquid. It’s an absolute joy to sample and if you’re seeking a liquid that offers you something complex and an opportunity to explore a masterfully crafted liquid, you’ll find it here.