“Dragon Cloud” by Shijin Vapor

Welcome back to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be having a look at “Dragon Cloud” by SHIJIN VAPOR.

Before I go into the review I need to stress that this is NOT Chinese sh*te! ShiJun Vapor are a USA company who make all their juice in California but they do like the whole Japanese theme with their branding. The BV Bar will never review or promote ANY Chinese liquids regardless of the brand power.

The presentation of the review package we received really has to get a mention right at the top of the review! We got a perfect little round tub with the company logo embossed into the side with a nice little security seal for freshness. On opening the little tub up we were presented with four unique bottles of juice. I personally went for Dragon Cloud purely as it was the one my hand touched first.

On opening the bottle up I am immediately hit with confusion, like I lifted the wrong bottle out of a drawer lol =P The bottle from the exterior looks like a rather expensive perfume bottle with all the trimmings! The lid just pops off which although a great and innovative design is technically illegal here in the UK as there is absolutely no child safety features ANYWHERE on the bottle.

Once the lid is off you will be greeted with what I would say is the most unique little bottle top I have ever seen. The only way I would be able to describe the top would be like that of an alcohol hand sanitiser. To dispense, all you need to do is hold the bottle over your desired coil and press down on the mechanism to allow a few drops of juice to drip onto your coils.

Due to the nature of the bottle in effect being almost sealed there is no way of me smelling the juice after opening any such lid; so I will have to give this part of the review a miss this time.

For this review I will be using my Smok XCube II with the Bullet RDA by Sparkle running a dual coil 0.5Ω setup for what I would call a nice relaxing and warm vape for a cold winters night!

On the inhale I am instantly blasted to the chest by a strong cinnamon flavour which one can only describe as similar to a cinnamon roll! I am not a lover of cinnamon at all but I have to say that with Dragon Cloud I can really feel it warming my body the longer I hold the vapour in which is of course the exact reason for my high build today =). The longer I hold the vapour in my lungs for the stronger the bread taste becomes, the only thing missing is the raisins on top!

On the exhale I am greeted with a nice smooth and creamy vanilla cream flavour which helps to cool down the inhale cinnamon flavour which starts to become a little overpowering! After my exhale there is a mild aftertaste of both cinnamon and vanilla which I wouldn’t ideally put together as a mix but I have to be honest, it actually does go well together!

Now that we have reached the end of this review it is time for me to ask myself whether I would buy more of this juice once my review sample is finished. I have to be honest with my answers of course and with that in mind I would in this instance have to say no.

I love the presentation of the juice and the bottle design is fantastic although needs some form of child safety incorporated but for me personally the cinnamon was just a little too strong so it’s purely for that reason that I would have to say no.

NB: One other thing I have noticed about the juice is the bottle design whilst being innovative in every way it does leak profusely. I have stripped the bottle apart and cleaned it up again but it still leaks. I think this is down to the vacuum formed inside the bottle for the pump action to work.