“Devon’s Sweet Slush” by Fusion Vapes

The folks at Fusion-Vapes in Devon were kind enough to send out a few of their juices for us to review. As well as their line of “House Juices” they also stock a fairly substantial amount of hardware ranging from sub-ohm tanks to battery chargers. A one stop vaping shop if you will.

In this review we’ll be trying out their “Devon’s Sweet Slush” which they describe as:

Main flavours: Cool Raspberry Candy Floss

Short and sweet!

For this review the following hardware is being used:

  • Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod @ 80w
  • Vapergate Alliance V2 RDA w/0.24Ω dual build
  • RDA wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton

The packaging/label are both very simple, available in 10 (£4) and 30ml (£10) dripper style bottles and includes the ingredients as well as all the necessary safety and warnings.

Devon’s Finest liquids are available in 0. 3 and 6mg nicotine strength and have a 70VG/30PG ratio.

Lid Up – The raspberry seems to be the dominant scent here with “Devon’s Sweet Slush” not much else to report here…

The Inhale – If you have blocked up sinuses or a touch of vaper’s tongue, they won’t be hanging around long after vaping this! Cool Raspberry is a bang on description, nice and sweet but not overpowering. No sign of the candy floss yet though.

The exhale again greets you with the crisp sweetness of the cool raspberry but on a retrohale there was the slightest hint of something a little sweeter, could possibly be the candy floss we were promised earlier but it’s very subtle. A little dash more in the blend and it could really add to the final combination.

Don’t get me wrong, the mix as it sits is enjoyable but the candy floss is almost non-existent in the vape.

Now, would I buy this product? I’m going to say yes, the price is reasonable and it’s a pleasant enough vape. Don’t be put off by the presentation as the saying goes “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. If you’re on the lookout for a sweet, fruit-like vape which packs a punch “Devon’s Sweet Slush” is worth picking up.

How about bringing out a 100ml bottle guys??