“Crunch and Milk” by MEO eJuice

MEO inc is a Canadian company whose name stands for “Mother Earth Organics. They do not use any artificial additives or sweeteners, food colouring or DAP in their “Milk line”. They have been kind enough to send us a sample of this line for review called “Crunch and Milk”.

It is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine. MEO inc describe this juice as high VG, this is typically 80-90%.

The manufacturers description is ‘A mouthful of your favourite cereal, soggy with sugary milk.’

One of my favourite e-liquids is “Vape Flakes” which has a very similar description so I’m really looking forward to trying this one and finding out how it compares.

My set-up is as follows :

  • Tugboat V2
  • Dual quad twisted 26g kanthal – 5 wraps – 0.13Ω
  • Wicked with Rayon
  • Snow wolf 200w – Set to 149w

This juice comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. A 120ml bottle is also available. The label is quite simple but effective. The name of the liquid takes centre stage and is very easily read. The background consists of some very cute, smiley clouds. The nicotine level is included on the label, in my case this is 3mg. Appropriate warnings and a list of ingredients can be found in the small print. No mention of the PG/VG ratio on this bottle.

I was really excited on opening this bottle has the smell that I had released was really similar to the leftover milk in a bowl of “Frosties” cereal. This was exactly what I was hoping for from “Crunch and Milk” Time to find out if the taste can live up to expectations…..

Inhale –  The inhale reveals the milk that was promised. There is some sweetness detected but not much in the way of flavour.

Exhale – I love this juice! If you heated up the milk at the bottom of a bowl of Frosties, I reckon this would be the result. It has the sweetness and the creaminess of the milk but it also takes on a texture that fills in the gaps between this juice and an actual bowl of Frosties.

In conclusion –  If you like “Vape Flakes” or “Milk and Honey” you will be a fan of this juice. The organic ingredients provide piece of mind in a time when it can be difficult to decide what we should and should not be vaping. “Milk and Crunch” delivers what is promises and with it’s high VG content, produces beautiful, almost odourless clouds.

This would make a great ADV. It isn’t something you would easily tire off. In fact I find myself craving it after vaping on some more intense flavours.  I don’t think this is one you should miss and I don’t imagine you will regret buying it.