“Creme Anglaise” by Craft Vape

The folks at Vivd Vapes were kind enough to send this sample for the purpose of review, if you’re interested in the products reviewed below please head over to their website:


Also, be sure to use the code “vivd8” for 8% off across their site!

About the Blenders:

“Craft Vapes is a Los Angeles based company founded in 2013. Our quality e-Juice has been meticulously hand crafted to the highest of standards to produce flavors for every taste and occasion.”

Today we’re reviewing their “Crème Anglaise” which by the description below sounds absolutely divine!

“Inspired by the dessert sauce of the same name, is a rich, double vanilla custard. The perfect combination of cream, sugar, and vanilla bean makes this e-liquid a sweet and creamy treat.”

For me personally, custard flavoured vapes can be hit and miss. There are just too many custard flavours out there with a synthetic, almost chemical taste to them. Of course, there are exceptions and when done well custard vapes are a staple amongst vapers worldwide.

“Crème Anglaise” is available in 30ml & 60ml in 50/50 and 30ml in max VG.

For this review I’ll be using the following hardware:

  • IPV4s @ 80w
  • Alliance V2 RDA w/0.2Ω dual build

Lid Up – “Crème anglaise” welcomed me with a delightfully rich vanilla essence which makes promises of an equally pleasant dessert flavoured vape.

I also tried Crème anglaise in a tank based atomizer because of the 50/50 ratio but surprisngly I still preferred it in an RDA, the flavours are much more pronounced. The inhale boasts a rich creamy vanilla which was promised from the initial Lid Up and did not disappoint.

On to the exhale. The lavishness of the custard has emerged and blends so well with the sweet vanilla. Definitely a liquid that can be vaped all day (as a matter of fact I did) Also a plus with this liquid and kudos to Vivd Vape for including on their site is that “Crème anglaise” is diacetyl free!

Now, would I buy this liquid? I most certainly would! A 60ml bottle is required as soon as possible, as well as one from their Cloud Chasing range as I’m rather curious how the flavours develop with a higher vegetable glycerin ratio.

As mentioned before the Craft Vapes line is available from Vivd Vapes via the link below and be sure to take advantage of the discount code “vivd8” for 8% off your order: