“Cpt. Crusty” by Boardwalk

Welcome back to another juice review by Foxy.

In this review we will be looking at “Cpt.Crusty” created by US Company Boardwalk.

Before I go any further I will say that the bottle is aesthetically pleasing. The label has a smooth “Satin” finish with high quality laser printing on all the samples received.

On opening the bottle I am instantly greeted with a light smell of banana and a perfect balance of a sweet yet delicate scent of honey?

For this review I will be using the Turbo RDA with a dual coil 0.28Ω build set to 70W on the IPV4 MK1.

On the inhale I am absolutely delighted to get a perfect taste of fresh honey with a hint of cinnamon…. I’m not a fan to say the least of cinnamon but in this juice it feels like Christmas came early during a hot summer’s day.
More often than not my all day vape would be a cereal type flavour as this enables me to get long and deep lung full without getting a sickening taste…. Cpt. Crusty also gives me my cereal dose for the day too lol.

Boardwalk liquids appear to be one of those secretly unheard of juices that could easily be mistaken to be the 8th wonder of the world. As you can tell by my previous reviews I am very hard to please when it comes to getting the perfect high quality e-juice for my all day vaping. It’s a shame that Boardwalk are such an unknown juice company here in Northern Ireland as I personally could easily switch from my usual manufacturer to Boardwalk within a heartbeat!

The mixture ratio is 70/30 VG/PG which is fairly typical of US juice brands but this isn’t something of an issue to me as I love high VG juices regardless of what hardware I am using.

Back onto the presentation of the liquid, as mentioned above the liquid bottle has a high quality satin effect label and it is crammed with information and warnings. I understand they this isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but for me personally as a vaper and as a reviewer I find it to be the icing on the cake.

The bottle gives information on the content contained inside in both ML and FL OZ for American customers. You will also see on the side of the bottle a coded batch number for their own internal records rather than just random numbers on the bottles most manufacturers use. Again, I think this is strictly an American trend as most UK juices either have random numbers as a batch number or in all other cases no batch numbers/codes. This gives me a little more piece of mind as it means the juice you are vaping can be traced back to source with ease and also helps with any customer issues like lack of flavour or similar.

Flavour: 10/10
Vapour Production: 7/10
Presentation 10/10
Overall Quality: 10/10

So as you can see this juice scores what is in my opinion the highest marks I have given so far. It is a perfect juice for all day vaping if you like a sweet, spicy, smooth cereal vapes without being too overpowering. The 7/10 for clouds is down to the 70/30 mix and nothing more.

Would I buy this liquid again? Yes I sure would…. It is almost identical to another big US juice brand with an almost double price tag so for me personally it’s a goal!